At the June 13th Pavilion Board of Education meeting, based on the recommendation of the Shared Services Committee, the board approved the combined team recommendation with York for girls modified and varsity soccer teams in the fall of 2022.  While this decision was not made lightly, a low number of signups and the ability for our athletes to play at the appropriate level were the driving factors in this merger. 

Starting in August, York will host the varsity girls program and Pavilion will host the modified girls program. With this merger, our hope is to provide both the Pavilion and York girls with the same stability and success that the boys’ soccer program has had. 

Plans are under way for York-Pavilion girls’ varsity soccer team to play an early season and end of season home game at Pavilion.   As with every combined team we will re-evaluate the status each year and make appropriate recommendations.  We are looking forward and excited to see a lot of great soccer this fall!  If you have any questions please contact Matt Roth (585) 584-1009