Technology Department

Technology use has become an integral part of 21st Century Learning. With that, students at Pavilion Central School will be provided opportunities to use technology integration with their education experience to enhance their learning.

Pavilion Central School believes that together, our school technology specialists, teachers, support staff, administration, and families, have a responsibility to work together to help students develop the responsible technology skills to protect themselves and be well prepared for life beyond the academic walls of Pavilion Central School.

We ask that if you have questions, please contact us so that we are better able to understand your needs during this time. Please understand and be patient with us as we may not have the answer as we are also learning along with you. However, we will do our best to search for an answer and provide them to you.

Thank you!

Cindy Pilc

Cindy Pilc, Technology Coordinator

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Nancy Stauber

Nancy Stauber, Technology Integration Specialist

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Zach Eighmey

Zachary Eighmey, Technology Assistant

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Keep Your Chromebook Working

Nightly Routine

Update Your Chromebook

Plug in the device 

  • At the bottom right of the device select SIGN OUT

  • The screen will go gray or black and the login screen will appear

  • At the bottom LEFT select SHUT DOWN 


Check for Updates

Use as the first step to all issues

  • In the bottom right corner click the square to open a menu

  • Select the gear icon

  • From the new pop up menu select “ABOUT CHROME OS”

  • From the new screen select “UPDATE”

  • Select RESTART if needed

  • After this process complete a SIGN OUT and SHUT DOWN (see nightly steps to the left) .

  • Wait 1-2 minutes

  • Restart the device, login and see if this fixed the issue you were having.

  • If the issues still exist let your teacher know.

Guide to the Digital World