Parental Involvement - Title 1

Pavilion Central School District believes that all students should be afforded appropriate and targeted opportunities for academic assistance and intervention. School staff, parents and students are all responsible to work together to ensure that our students learn the academic skills necessary to be successful. The district recognizes that parent involvement in helping all students to meet high standards of academic achievement is critical.

Children who are deemed "at-risk" for not achieving the New York State standards qualify for additional academic intervention, beyond that which is provided in the regular curriculum. When a child is determined to be eligible for this support, parents are notified, in writing, of the targeted assistance that will be provided to their child, as well as information about the qualifications of the staff member providing the assistance. Quarterly reports are sent home along with the student's report card that contain detailed information about the specific skills being addressed, the student's progress toward his/her goals, and suggestions for practicing these skills at home. The staff members providing assistance are available for parent/teacher conferences as needed.

Parents are strongly encouraged to help their children practice academic skills at home, to communicate with teachers about their children's progress, to participate in parent/teacher conferences and to become involved in school activities and organizations, such as the Parent Teacher Organization. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve our Title I programs, please contact Mr. Jon Wilson, Elementary School Principal, or Ms. Stacey Tallon, Director of Pupil Personnel Services.