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Quality databases including BookFlix, and  Groliers Encyclopedia,

Follett Destiny Library Catalog

Follett Destiny Library Catalog
Online Follett Destiny Library Catalog.

Author Sites

Mike Thaler

Peggy Thomas

David Adler

Marsha Hayles

Jan Brett

Toni Buzzeo

Matt McElligott

Book Characters

Junie B. Jones
The official site of the character from the Junie B. Jones series.

Fun Sites

Word Girl Synonym Toast
Scholastic online activity where students select the correct synonyms.

National Geographic KIDS
Includes Games, Photos and Animal Facts.

Trading Card Creator
Create Trading Cards

Educational Games and Apps
Educational games and apps for kids.

San Diego Zoo
Includes information on various animals including frogs, fun activities, and animal cams for children to explore.

BBC Learning School Radio
Audio resources for primary schools

Founded and led by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics provides students with the tools they need for active participation and democratic action.


How Much Dewey Can You Do?
Test your knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System.

Dewey Matching
Match Dewey Decimal System numbers with their classification.


Pavilion Public Library
Link to the local Pavilion Public Library

New York Public Library
Official New York City Public Library link.


Online children's magazine.

Web site for children where they can learn about current events around the world without the bias, sensationalism and often inappropriate content.


Count Us In
Designed to help children understand basic number concepts.

Addition Battleship
Math facts below 24 for addition.

Math Playground
Play with numbers and give your brain a workout.


The Early Childhood Education Network
Online resource that allows students to work on colors, letters, shapes, and numbers recognition.

Reading Suggestions

Caldecott Award Books
American Library Association link to Caldecott Award winning books. The Caldecott Award is presented to the illustrator.

Nancy Keane Booktalks for grades K-3
This site lists books that would be of interest to students in grades K-3.

Nancy Keane Booktalks for grades 3-6.
This site lists books that would be of interest to students in grades 3-6.

Newbery Award Books
American Library Association link to Newbery Award winning books. The Newbery Award is presented to the author.

Reference Sites

Infoplease Theasurus
Online thesaurus

Online thesaurus

America's Story
Sponsored by the Library of Congress.

Ben's Guide to Government
This site informs students, parents, and educators about the Federal Government.

Fact Monster
Online resource for students with various links including: Homework Help, Atlas, Almanacs, Encyclopedia and Dictionary.

Online Almanac

Merriam-Webster's Word Central
Merriam Webster's Word Central includes online dictionary and thesaurus for students.

The People History
News and Events, Prices and Popular Culture in history from 1920 to modern day

Word of the Day
A new word everyday.

Boys and Girls,
"Check this out" 
National Geographic for Kids "Crack the Code"
Play now to test your cipher-breaking skills!

Seussville for Dr. Seuss fun

UCAR Center for Science Education
Games and simulations related to weather, climate, atmospheric science and
space weather education.

Create your own monster bookmark

National Geographic Kids
This site contains information on various animals including the following frogs: "American Bullfrog," "Poison Dart Frog," "Red Eyed Tree Frog," and "Reticulated Glass Frog.." Also, check out the "Weird But True"! videos, games and other cool things! 

Listen as Ryan and Craig read stories online to you.

Storytime from outer space.
Real astronauts read stories from outer space.

Take a virtual field trip to the 

National Aquarium

Marcus PfisterReads
The Rainbow Fish
The author shares a video of his most beloved book. Also, here is a link to Rainbow Fish colorsheets.

"Fit -Flow Yoga for Kids"
This site includes pictures of and explanation of yoga poses. 

K-5 Grade Sites


The Children's University of Manchester

Ancient Egypt

Book Terms

Parts of a Book Terms


Create word clouds using this site.

Create word clouds from text you provide.

Kids Info

Colonial Life in America