Requests to Leave School Early

A request to have a child excused from classes early should be sent with your child on the morning of the dismissal. The time and reason for leaving should be included. Whenever possible, medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours.

A child will be released from school only to the parents of that child unless the school has, on record, written parental permission for someone else to pick up their youngster.

All children being picked up at school at any time, including regular dismissal times, must be signed out and met in the elementary office. Children will not be allowed to leave school with anyone until this procedure is complied with fully.

The school is also bound by law to presume that either parent of a child has authority to obtain the release of a child unless the school has been provided with a legally binding document such as a court order or decree of divorce, separation or custody which provides evidence to the contrary.