Update Chromebook Daily

Please complete the following steps nightly to keep the Chromebook working properly 

  • Plug in the device 
  • At the bottom right of the device select SIGN OUT
  • The screen will go gray or black and the login screen will appear
  • At the bottom LEFT select SHUT DOWN 

If the device is not working correctly please complete this troubleshooting steps before contacting your teacher.

  • Update Chromebook with settings to confirm all needed updates are processed.
  • In the bottom right corner click the square to open a menu
  • Select the gear icon

  • From the new pop up menu select “ABOUT CHROME OS”

  • From the new screen select “UPDATE”

  • Select RESTART if needed
  • After this process complete a SIGN OUT and SHUT DOWN .
  • Then Login and see if this fixed the issue you were having.


For other Chromebook support refer to the "Device Use Handbook" section and connect to the informational handbook provided.