Department Staff

Pavilion Central School Special Education Staff

Grades K-5

Kindergarten - Amy Smith

1st Grade - Brogan O'Halloran

2nd Grade - Shari Perzia

3rd Grade - Jessica Hempel

4th Grade - Lily Powell

5th Grade - 

Elementary Special Class - Jennifer VanValkenburg

Grades 6-8

6th Grade - Richard Waite

7th Grade - 

8th Grade - Kelly Washburn

Grades 9-12

9th Grade - Stephanie Nupp

10th Grade - Maura Bryant

11th Grade - Timothy Mapes

12th Grade - 

Related Service Providers

Speech/Language Therapy

  • Kimberly Orban (K-12)
  • Karen Mayer (K-5)

Occupational Therapy - Danyle Raines

Physical Therapy - Bobbie Wasikowski

School Psychologist (K-12) - 


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