PCS Senior Scholarships

Below is a list of scholarships that require an application and are offered exclusively to Pavilion seniors.  Approximate application dates are included.  For a complete list of the 50+ scholarships and recognitions awarded at graduation, please contact the High School Office and request a copy of the previous year’s Commencement program.


The Donald F. Barry “Ignition” Award is an award of $750.00 and a certificate to the senior who best exhibited the “spark” necessary for future achievement in meeting the requirements set forth by the Barry Family Committee.  The award is made in memory of “Don” Barry– Pavilion Class of 1942—by his family. (Application usually available by December and due the first Tuesday in February.)


John Court Memorial Scholarship is a $500.00 award to a deserving male and female senior who consistently participated in athletics while attending Pavilion High School.  The recipient must have demonstrated commitment to their athletic team and their community, demonstrate good character and attitude, and plan on attending a New York State College or joining the armed forces.  (Application usually available in May and due in early June)


Kurt Kingsley Memorial Scholarship is a $2,000.00 scholarship awarded to one senior.  The recipient was chosen by Kurt’s family based on their commitment to their future, work ethic, dedication to friends and family, enthusiasm for out of school activities, and perseverance when the going gets tough.  The scholarship will be granted upon the successful completion of one semester of college.  The scholarship is in memory of Kurt Kingsley, Pavilion 1997. (Application usually available in January, due approximately May 15)


Marsha Brooks Memorial Scholarship is a $200.00 award with the winner’s name inscribed on a plaque in the hall, for a student who has been accepted into a post-secondary institution and is planning on majoring in elementary education.  This award is sponsored by the family of Marsha Brooks who was an elementary teacher at Pavilion School. (Application available upon request, due approximately May 15)


Mary M. Bradley Memorial Scholarship is in recognition of her dedication to students and her service in education for twenty-seven years at Pavilion Central High School.  This award is given to a graduating senior who has been accepted into an institution of higher education and has an overall average of at least 80%.  That senior also needs to show service to others through volunteering.  The $500.00 award is made in Mary M. Bradley’s  honor by her three children,       Steven, Kathleen and John, all who graduated from Pavilion Central School, and her husband Douglas Bradley.  (Application usually available in April, due approximately May 30)


Pavilion Alumni Association Award is a $1,000.00 scholarship to deserving seniors who have unselfishly donated time and/or talent to their school or larger community without expectation of recognition or reward and who are planning on continuing their education following high school graduation.  (Application usually available in April and due late May)


R.L. Jeffres & Sons, Inc. is a $500.00 scholarship to a senior based upon an essay describing career goals and how they hope to make a positive impact on agriculture or a related field of study.  The award will be granted upon the successful completion of one semester of college or trade school. (Application usually available in April, due in late May)


Applications and further information for any of the scholarships listed below may be obtained by calling (585) 584-1015 or e-mailing