Acceleration Policy


Acceleration Profile was approved by the Board of Education (January 2019)

    Part 100 of the Commissioner's Regulations requires students in grade eight be given the opportunity to take high school courses.  In keeping with this mandate, students will have the opportunity to participate in the following content areas: mathematics and science.

    The following criteria have been established for the selection of students to be considered for acceleration:

  I. Academic Background Check:

A.  Averages – Report card averages will be computed by the Guidance Office at 30 week in the content area being considered for acceleration.  Students must have an overall 90% average in Math 6 and/or Science 6 and an overall GPA of 85%.

B. Teacher Recommendations

1.  Math 6 and ELA 6 teachers will recommend students who have scored at least “on grade level” in math and ELA on the winter (or spring)  Building Diagnostic tests.


2. At 30 weeks, each core subject teacher on Team 6 will make a recommendation based on quantitative data regarding a student’s targeted attendance rate of 95% and a 95% targeted rate of on time homework completion.    The Code of Conduct may be taken into consideration. The Team will come to a consensus whether the student is recommended for acceleration or not recommended for acceleration. A majority “yes” vote will allow the student to continue in the process.

II. Notifications:

The Guidance Office will inform qualified students and parents of the acceleration policy and invite them to participate in the next steps.

III. Placement Tests:

The student will be asked to prove proficiency in Math and/or Science by taking the relevant PCS Math and/or Science Department placement test(s) and earn an 85-100% on each assessment.  The suggested procedure is for the placement tests to be scheduled in May and administered by 6th grade teachers.

IV. Interview:

Shortly after the 35 week marking period, parents and students who meet all the criteria for acceleration will be invited to a meeting to discuss the pros and cons of acceleration with the School Counselor and an Administrator.

V. Parent Contacts:

      If there is consensus at the conclusion of the interview that the student will accelerate he/she will be scheduled for an accelerated 7/8 Math and/or 7/8 Science class and take high school math and science classes in 8th grade.  Parents will have until August 1st to commit to an accelerated schedule for the upcoming school year. If the parents choose to decline the offer, students would remain on a traditional schedule.  

    Parents will be contacted at 5 weeks if the student’s grades fall below 80% in the 7/8th grade accelerated class(es).  If the student does not have an 85% average in the accelerated 7/8 Math and/or 7/8 Science classes at 10 weeks, the student will move to the traditional 7th grade math and/or science classes and continue on that pathway unless there are extenuating circumstances.