Study Hall Rules


In order to establish a positive classroom environment that is conducive to studying, learning, and success for all, there are a few rules that must be followed.

First and foremost, students must abide by the the CODE OF CONDUCT AND SCHOOL MANAGEMENT PLAN. After establishing this base, there are a few rules specific to study hall that must be adhered to.

1. ALL STUDENTS MUST be in their assigned seats and working when the bell rings. The teacher will take attendance, sign passes and determine who will be allowed to go to the library.

2. There are to be only 2 people at the teacher’s desk to sign out.

3. ALL STUDENTS MUST bring work to Study Hall.

4. QUIET talking regarding schoolwork is allowed in study hall. Permission by the teacher is required.

5. Should you have a question of the teacher or one of your classmates please BE RESPECTFUL. Raise your hand and obtain permission from the teacher before asking the question.

6. Bathroom and locker passes are for 5 minutes only.

7. Students must adhere to all school rules and procedures as listed in the CODE OF CONDUCT and MANAGEMENT PLAN.

Violations of STUDY HALL RULES may result in the filing of a teacher action report and/or referral.