Seminars Rules and Guidelines

Seminar Guidelines:

In an attempt to be consistent in how Seminar is conducted, the following guidelines have been established:

1. Students must be reading; no talking, homework, IPods, card playing, etc. Teachers should also read. You are the role model for this activity; remember our students learn a great deal from our examples. Seminar is not a prep period. It is sustained silent reading.

2. Students are not to leave on passes to other rooms/teachers for any reason: to do make up work, to take a test, to study for a test, to go to the library, to go to the office, to go to the nurse, clean out their locker, etc. The idea is to have sustained silent reading. You should continue to honor passes from administrators, social workers or guidance counselors.

3. Only seniors are allowed to opt out of seminar to participate in a district approved internship.

4. The students are allowed to read any school appropriate materials that they like. It is not assigned reading; the idea is for them to enjoy reading. The library provides newspaper and magazine subscriptions for each seminar class.

Some teachers/grade levels have added procedures to Seminar that are not in the general guidelines. This is fine as long as the general guidelines are followed.