Lead Testing

January 11, 2021

Re: Follow-Up Sampling of Drinking Water for Lead Concentrations

Dear Mr. Eighmey:

Included with this letter is Stohl Environmental LLC’s report for the Water Sampling performed at the educational buildings of the Pavilion Central School District, including:
• High/Middle School – 7014 Big Tree Road, Pavilion, New York.
This report is prepared to assist the District in complying with the requirements of NYS regulations, SUBPART 67-4: Lead Testing in School Drinking Water, by identifying the sources of potable water with lead concentrations greater than the NYS “Action Level of 15 parts per billion (ppb)”.

Recap of Initial Sampling and Analysis: In Compliance with NYS regulations, initial first draw water sampling was completed on October 13, 2020 and a total of 7 samples were identified as containing lead concentrations above the NYS Action Level of 15 ppb.

Mitigation by District and Follow-up Sampling by Stohl Environmental LLC:

• Following the receipt of initial sampling results, in accordance with guidance received from NYS, the District is reported to have prohibited use of the outlets analyzed as above the NYS Action Level of 15 ppb “(1) a lead remediation plan is implemented… and (2) test results indicate that the lead levels are at or below the action level”.
• Subsequent to reported mitigation by the District, Stohl Environmental LLC was requested to perform follow-up sampling and laboratory analysis.
• Follow-up sampling was performed by Stohl Environmental LLC in accordance with the requirements and protocols outlined in NYS regulations, as well as USEPA Technical Guidance Document “3-T’s for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools”.
• Results of Follow-up Sampling: As detailed in Section 1.2 (Executive Summary) of the accompanying report, based upon the follow-up sampling and analysis performed, the following is reported:
o Of the 7 outlets identified as above the action level in the initial investigation report dated October 29, 2020:
3860 California Road
Orchard Park, New York 14127
(P) 716-312-0070 (F) 716-312-8092
▪ 7 outlets were re-sampled on November 20, 2020 and analyzed by a
certified and independent laboratory as at or below the action level; thus
cleared for use.
Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to Pavilion Central School District.
Stohl Environmental, LLC.
Eric Henderson Jr.
Senior Project Manager

Pavilion Central School

Remediation Plan

November 19, 2020



The Pavilion Central School District has completed the first round of testing in both of their facilities.


A total of 105 samples were taken and 7 samples were above the 15 ppb action level.


Remediation Steps:

1.      High School has 5 classrooms that are above the action level. Filters will be installed on the faucets. Samples will be taken November 20.

2.      High School Ice Maker is above the action level. An in-line filter will be installed and the ice maker will be emptied, cleaned and refilled. Sample will be taken November 20.

3.      High School dishwasher sprayer was above the action level. Water has not been used much so the sprayer will be flushed and cleaned. Sample will be taken November 20.


Elementary School-All tests were below 15 ppb.