Updates From The Cafeteria


The USDA has released a statement stating they are extending free meals (breakfast & lunch) until 12/31/2020 or until appropriated funds run out. The interpretation of this statement is breakfast and lunch will be free for all students that attend school virtually or in person. We are encouraging families to still complete their meal application and return to the Food Service office. In the event that funding runs out, we will return to our standard charging procedure. 


Breakfast will be a “grab & go” boxed/bagged option available daily during arrival. Students will pick up their meals in the cafeteria and then make their way to their classroom. Breakfast will be consumed in classrooms. UPK breakfast will be delivered to the classroom as was done in past years.


A list of students with allergies will be in the cafeteria pick up point with pictures. Students will be asked their name to ensure they receive an “ALLERGEN FREE” breakfast if necessary. The allergen free breakfast option will be safe for all students with allergies.


Lunch will be a boxed/bagged meal with three options (hot, cold, PBJ) along with a milk choice (chocolate or white). Lunch will be available via pre-order district wide. The procedure for pre-ordering differs by school. Although lunch is pre-ordered, the cafeteria will always have extra meals available for students who forget to order or arrive later than the late meal cut off time. Please note : there will be no a la carte items (snacks, drinks) or double lunches available for purchase for the 10 weeks. We will evaluate at that time if these items can be introduced. Elementary : A Google Sheet will be shared by grade level listing teachers, rooms, and class roster. Teachers will tally students’ orders via this Google Sheet. The cut off time for ordering is 9:30. UPK lunches will be ordered weekly and will be picked up as in past years. MHS : A Google Form will be posted in homeroom Google Classroom for lunch ordering. The students’ responses will be populated into a spreadsheet for Food Service staff. The cutoff for ordering will be the end of first period. Students will pick up lunches in cafeteria if they are scheduled to eat there. Meals will be available for pick up by designated staff from the concession stand (for alternate eating locations) Late Students : Students arriving late will be able to place a lunch order before 10 AM with the front desk in each building. The front desk will then communicate with the kitchen any extra orders (if any) via phone call. 


In the elementary school Google Sheet, students with allergies will be highlighted for easy viewing. Their allergy will also be listed. Three checks will be in place over the course of the ordering process. First, the staff member taking the order will see the allergy, next our Kitchen Manager will double check all ingredients of the meal to the allergy, and lastly the staff member distributing the meal will, to the best of their knowledge, ensure an allergy ingredient isn’t present. Lunches for students with allergies will be labeled with the students’ name. In the MHS Google Form, a question is posed to students asking if they have an allergy. The allergy list (provided by the nurse)  will also be used to cross reference lunch orders and student allergies. Lunches for students with allergies will be labeled with the students’ name.