October 6, 2020 - Work Session Minutes

Work Session of the Board of Education – October 6, 2020


The special meeting of the Pavilion Central School District Board of Education was called to order at 8:04 AM by Board President Marirose Ethington.


Board Members present: Marirose Ethington, Jeff Finch, Becky Dziekan, Chris Jeffres, Kevin Stefan, Margaret Gaston, and Callin Ayers-Tillotson (8:10 AM)


Board Members Absent:


Others Present: Donald Childs


**        Moved by Chris Jeffres; seconded by Jeff Finch to enter executive session at 8:05 AM; carried unanimously (6 votes).


**        Callin Ayers-Tillotson joined meeting at 8:10 AM


**        Jeff Finch departed meeting at 8:50 AM


**        Peg Gaston departed meeting at 8:55 AM


**        Moved by Chris Jeffres, seconded by Becky Dziekan to return to regular session at 9:04 AM; carried unanimously (5 votes).


**        Moved by Becky Dziekan, seconded by Chris Jeffres to adjourn at 9:05 AM; carried unanimously (5 votes).





Donald F Childs

Acting Clerk of the Board