May 26, 2020 Minutes - Budget Presentation

Pavilion Central School District

Budget Hearing Meeting – May 26, 2020


The regular meeting of the Pavilion Central School District Board of Education was called to order at 7:04 PM by Board President Marirose Ethington.


Board members present:  Marirose Ethington, Margaret (Peg) Gaston, Callin (Cal) Ayers-Tillotson, Chris Jeffres, Rebecca (Becky) Dziekan, and Kevin Stefan


Board members absent: Jeffrey Finch


Others present:  Kenneth Ellison, Charles Martelle, Jon Wilson, Donald Childs and Mary Jo Pahl


Others Absent: Sheila Eigenbrod and Stacey Tallon


Visitors: One (1) per sign in Zoom registration.




**        Moved by Becky Dziekan; seconded by Peg Gaston to approve agenda with additions; carried unanimously (6 votes).





1.                Dispense with reading of the Annual Meeting Notice:

**        Moved by Peg Gaston, seconded by Kevin Stefan to dispense with the reading of the Annual Meeting Notice; carried unanimously (6 votes).


2.                Announcement of the Polling Inspectors:

**        Superintendent, Kenneth Ellison announced the Cindy Pilc, Crista Boldt, Tammy Bradley, Deb Davis and Mary Jo Pahl will be acting as the poling inspectors and head inspector at the budget vote occurring on 6/9/2020.   No action required.


3.                Introduction of BOE Candidates:

**        Superintendent, Kenneth Ellison introduced, Peg Gaston and Callin Ayers-Tillotson, both incumbent board members as the candidates for the two (2) Board of Education seats, which will be voted on at the election.  They each gave a brief overview of why they would like to remain members of the Board of Education.   No action required.


4.                Budget Presentation:

**       Board President Marirose Ethington then turned the meeting over to Superintendent, Kenneth J. Ellison, who asked the community members present if they had any questions before he proceeded with the budget presentation.  No action required.




1.      Tuesday June 9,2020 District budget/proposition/BOE member election – absentee only

2.      Monday June 15, 2020 – BOE meeting date

3.      Monday July 13, 2020 – Reorganization meeting date




**        Moved by Cal Ayers-Tillotson, seconded by Peg Gaston to recess the meeting at 7:26 PM until 5:00 PM, Tuesday June 9, 2020 when, pursuant to Executive Order # 202.26, which calls for all ballots to be submitted via absentee ballot, is the dates and time that all ballots are due do the district clerk and can then be opened and canvassed; carried unanimously (6 votes).





Mary Jo Pahl

Clerk of the Board



**        The date for the canvassing of the votes was changed to Tuesday June 16, 2020 at 5:00 based on an Executive Order # 202.39, which was signed on June 7, 2020.






            Mary Jo Pahl

            Clerk of the Board

Annual Budget, Board Term Extension, and School Board Member Vote

Counting taking place on June 16, 2020


A District Meeting for the purpose of voting on the proposed budget, Board Term extension and two (2) Board members was conducted by absentee ballot only.  Per Executive Order # 202.39 the absentee ballots were canvassed starting at 5:00 PM on Tuesday June 16, 2020 by Cindy Pilc, Tammy Bradley, and Deb Davis who served as inspectors and Mary Jo Pahl as head inspector. 


The results were as follows:


Five Hundred Forty Eight (548) absentee ballots were received by the deadline. 


Of these, sixteen (16) were deemed invalid upon opening of the outside mailing envelope. 


There were Five Hundred Thirty Two (532) ballots opened and inserted into the ballot box.   


During the canvassing of the ballots, an additional Five (5) ballots were deemed invalid, which left us with a total of Five Hundred Twenty Seven (527) valid votes which resulted in the following outcome:


Budget:                                   Yes: 417                      Budget:    Passed           


No: 106




Board Term Extension:           Yes: 464                      Term Extension:         Passed  


                                                No:  62



Board Member:


Callin Ayers-Tillotson (incumbent) – 468 votes


Margaret Gaston (incumbent) – 479 votes


In addition, there were 12 write in nominations


Callin Ayers-Tillotson – nominated to the five (5) year term.


Margaret Gaston – nominated to the newly approved five (5) year term




Mary Jo Pahl

Clerk of the Board