December 14, 2020 Minutes

Regular Board of Education Meeting – December 14, 2020


The regular meeting of the Pavilion Central School District Board of Education was called to order at 7:04 PM by Board President Marirose Ethington.


An audio link for this meeting is shown below:


Board Members present: Marirose Ethington, Jeff Finch (7:06 PM), Kevin Stefan, Margaret Gaston (7:10 PM), Becky Dziekan, Callin Ayers-Tillotson, and Chris Jeffres


Board Members Absent: 


Others Present: Sheila Eigenbrod, Jon Wilson, Charles Martelle, Stacey Tallon, Mary Kate Hoffman, Donald Childs, and Mary Jo Pahl


Others Absent:


Nine (9) guests were present as per the list of attendees received by GVBOCES.


Chris Jeffres led the Pledge of Allegiance


**        Moved by Becky Dziekan; seconded by Chris Jeffres to approve agenda with additions carried unanimously (5 votes).


**        Moved by Cal Ayers-Tillotson; seconded by Chris Jeffres to approve all items in the consent grouping - Minutes: Regular BOE minutes of 11/30/2020; CSE, Sub-CSE, CPSE and 504 minutes of 11/24/2020; 11/30/2020; 12/1/2020; 12/2/2020; 12/3/2020; 12/4/2020; 12/7/2020; 12/9/2020; 12/10/2020; and 12/11/2020; carried unanimously (5 votes).


**        Jeff Finch arrived




1.               Superintendent Update:

**        Mrs. Hoffman updated the Board regarding the talks that have been taking place regarding an open gym for basketball that she has had with Mr. Sattora.  She indicated that it is still in the planning stage, but that they believed that they would be able to safely allow this opportunity to the students.  These talks have stemmed from the fact that all winter state competitions have recently been cancelled and all high risk sports have been postponed until further notice. 


**        Mrs. Hoffman also informed the Board about a pilot program that NYS has put into effect for the current school year where school districts have the option of going to a fully remote learning day in the event of inclement weather instead of using a snow day.  However, should the District elect to use this option, they would still be required to transport any private school students who may have school if their school does not close and we would still have to provide meals to all students learning remotely. She has decided that at this point in time, this District will take a traditional snow day in the event of inclement weather so that our bus drivers and cafeteria staff will not have to make the drive in unsafe conditions to fulfill the obligations that the pilot program has laid out.  However, should we get to the point that we are close to not being able to meet the necessary number of school days, we would reevaluate the program on days that might better work for the District.


**        Mrs. Hoffman also spoke about the fact that the City of Batavia entered a yellow zone early in the day, this affects all of the schools in the city, both public and private, the BOCES.  Currently our District is not in a yellow zone.


**        Mrs. Hoffman answered questions on each of the above items as they were asked during each update, the Board thanked her for the updates. No action required.


**        Peg Gaston arrived.


 2.        Admin Updates:

**       Dr. Eigenbrod addressed the Board regarding the impact that the presentation at the November conference on the area of reading in the content areas has had on the middle/high school building.  The District has been able to schedule seven additional one hour sessions for this presenter to speak to twenty five different teachers to provide some continuing education and professional development in this area. 


**       Dr. Eigenbrod also spoke of how the theme of this school year is Resiliency and the ways in which Anna Lynah, the school social worker, has been working with students regarding resiliency and the ways in which they have been resilient this year, some examples of the students comments were shared too. 


**       Dr. Eigenbrod spoke of how the school has been helping students with their social/emotional learning.


**       Dr. Eigenbrod shared information from the Department of Justice to educate faculty and staff on internet predators and safety concerns.


**       Dr. Eigenbrod wanted to give recognition to the MS/HS staff and students for the many positive activities and ideas that have been taking place recently, as noted below:

·         Secret Santa

·         Food Drive

·         Stockings

·         Toy Drive

·         Holiday Gift Cards

·         Sr. Activity Proposals (a parade in the elementary school with caps/gowns)

·         Interior design class doing the murals in the school

·         Scholar Athletes/Breakfast of Champions


**        Dr. Eigenbrod answered questions on each of the above items as they were asked during each update, the Board thanked her for the updates. No action required.


**        Mr. Martelle addressed the Board regarding how the hybrid-learning plan has been doing wonders on bringing the number of referrals down, however it has not been so well as far as getting students to complete their work.  They have been using the tracking spreadsheets created earlier in the year as a way to keep track of the ways in which students and their families have received contact from the teachers and a list of tiers for intervention has been established.  We have also begun to run the after school achievement center again as a way to help students get back or keep on track.  No action required.


**        Mr. Wilson spoke to the Board about reading and vocabulary concerns in the elementary school and the ways in which they are going to be analyzing the data to establish a plan to address these concerns, do additional analysis and then make adjustments as needed to enable the students to succeed. 

**        Mr. Wilson wanted to recognize Amanda Eighmey and Nicole Palmer for the project they recently did with the elementary students where they learned about “Christmas around the World” and how each grade level decorated a tree, which were donated to the project by Cowie Tree Farm in Wyoming.  These trees are on display outside the elementary building. 


**        Mr. Wilson also spoke about the ways in which they are trying to keep things as close to normal as possible for the students despite the difficulties this school year has had.  He explained how the students will still be participating in the Christmas sing-a-long, “Jingle Jam”, and Mrs. Hoffman will be reading “The Polar Express” to the students while the students enjoy some hot cocoa.   


**        Mr. Wilson answered questions on each of the above items as they were asked during each update, the Board thanked him for the updates. No action required.


**        Dr. Eigenbrod answered the question asked using the question and answer section of the zoom meeting regarding graduation, indicating that they are hoping to be able to hold one in the traditional manner, but they do have two other options they are exploring as well if needed.


**        Ms. Tallon addressed the Board regarding the social emotional well-being of the MS/HS students and about how the SRO has been making visits to students who are 100% remote to check in with them and to see how they are doing and how he will also be helping to distribute the Secret Santa supplies and treats to students too. She also indicated that our new school psychologist, Shelby LaMond, has begun meeting with each grade level weekly and in implementing a way in which to track students in grades K-12 to help review their needs as they may arise and to help maintain their social and emotional well-being. She answered questions and the Board thanked her for the updates. No action required.


**        Marirose Ethington thanked the Superintendent and Administrators for the updates and their willingness to give these more formal updates at each meeting instead of the informal manner in which the updates had been provided in the past.


3.         BOE Meeting Date Calendar: 

**        Mrs. Hoffman presented a calendar for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year to the Board with each meeting date for the rest of the year highlighted on it.  These dates will be: 1/11/2021; 1/25/2021; 2/8/2021; 2/22/2021; 3/8/2021; 3/22/2021; 4/12/2021; 4/26/2021; 5/11/2021; 5/18/2021; 5/24/2021; 6/14/2021; 6/28/2021.  She indicated that the two meeting dates in May that fall on Tuesday will be for the Budget Presentation and the Budget and BOE member vote respectively.  No action required.


4.         Appointments:

**        Moved by Jeff Finch, seconded by Becky Dziekan, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, to appoint Robert Mattice to the position of full time bus driver effective 12/14/2020 at the starting contractual salary of $20,500.00, which will be prorate based on his date of hire; carried unanimously (7 votes).


**        Moved by Peg Gaston, seconded by Kevin Stefan, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, to appoint Stephanie McEwan to the position of Long-term substitute 4th grade teacher to begin on or about January 19, 2021 for a period of six to eight weeks at the daily rate of $192.50; carried unanimously (7 votes).


5.         Approve sale of Buses on Auctions International:

**        Moved by Peg Gaston, seconded by Cal Ayers-Tillotson, to grant the authority to the Superintendent of Schools to accept or reject any or all bids received upon the closing of the auction on December 17, 2020, with notice of bid amounts received, and accepted/rejected to be shared with the Board upon close of the auction; carried unanimously (7 votes).


6.         Approve Tuition Contract with Attica CSD:

**        Moved by Chris Jeffres, seconded by Kevin Stefan to approve the tuition contract with Attica Central School District as presented; carried unanimously (7 votes).


**        Marirose Ethington indicated that she would like to have an update on the youth recreation program presented at the January 14, 2021 BOE meeting.



1.      Monday January 11 and 25, 2021 BOE meeting dates

**        Moved by Jeff Finch, seconded by Peg Gaston to adjourn at 7:46 PM; carried unanimously (7 votes).





Mary Jo Pahl



Clerk of the Board