Board of Education

The Pavilion Central School Board of Education is a separate body responsible for the oversight and management of the Pavilion Central School District's business, personnel, and properties.  As the corporate body, the Pavilion Board of Education is designated as the official policy making body for the district. 

The Pavilion Board of Education conducts itself under the provision established under the Department of Education of New York State and the NYS Board of Regents.

The Pavilion Board of  Education shall consist of seven (7) members elected by the qualified voters of the School District at the annual election as prescribed by law.  Each of the members of the Board of Education shall serve for five (5) years. 

Board of Education elections are held in May, along with the annual budget vote.  Individuals interested in running for the Board of Education must meet the qualifications as outlined in the Budget newsletter.  

Board of Education seats are completely voluntary and the members serve without compensation.