Sports Boosters

Pavilion Sports Boosters welcomes all the student-athletes and families to our athletic program!! We would like you to know that we are here to help our athletes!! During each season, we donate funds to end of season banquets, senior nights and toward team purchases such as warm-ups, sneakers, or other items the team decides on Without the support of parents to operate the concession stand for home events, this would not be possible so THANK YOU to all of the parents that have helped out in the past!! Without you, we could not support our Athletes! With that said, all athletes must have a representative sigh up to work a shift in the concession stand. We are in need of 3 per soccer game, both JV and Varsity, for a total of 6 volunteers per game. Thanks in advance for signing up! Please contact Amy Wiedrich to get on the schedule or stop by the concession stand at one of the games!

Amy Wiedrich,
Sports Boosters Treasurer
Cell: (585) 813-6525