Academic Eligibility

Academic Eligibility Statement of Purpose: We believe that the philosophy of Pavilion Central School should reflect an emphasis on academics as our #1 priority. Students who do not meet designated academic standards should therefore not be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities during the school day or after school hours until a satisfactory level of performance is met in the academics. Extracurricular: The extracurricular activities include:

1. All interscholastic athletics- including players, statisticians, managers, scorekeepers, etc
2. All intramural and/or modified athletics
3. All cheerleader squads
4. Marching band and pep band (after school musical performances that affect a student’s course grade are NOT included in this policy).
5. AFS, Press Club, Spanish Club, Ski Club, Yearbook, Math Competition
6. Class meetings and activities
7. National and Junior Honor Society
8. Junior/Senior play or other dramatic productions not related to a course grade
9. Student Council, Color Guard, Scholastic Bowl, SADD/Youth to Youth
10. All clubs and/or organizations meeting during the school day
11. Dances (Jr. & Sr. Prom are exempt from this policy)
12. Any activities that occur after the regular school day that are sponsored by the school, or by a school club/activity, which does not affect a student’s course grade.
13. Use of the weight room and/or fitness center. In addition, ineligible students are only admitted to the library with an academic faculty pass. The only exception will be class functions held outside of school.

Eligibility Standard:
1. Any student grades 7-12 with a 69% or lower average in one or more classes will be scheduled to attend Guided Study Hall for the entire 5-week marking period.
2. Any student grades 7-12 failing two or more classes will be placed on the ineligibility list and will be ineligible to participate in any interscholastic/extracurricular activities. This list is computergenerated every 5-week marking period and remains in effect for a minimum of a 2-week period (see #3).
3. Students who are ineligible for the 2-week period must remediate failing grades and submit proof of this to their teachers as soon as possible, but before second Friday morning of the 2-week period. The second step of this process is for the student to pick up a Golden Rod “sign off” sheet from the Guidance Office. They must then take this to all of their teachers and ask the teacher to sign, indicating they have remediated failing grades. Once this is done, it is the STUDENT’S responsibility to return this sheet to the Guidance secretary by 2:30 p.m. on that second Friday, at the latest. Eligibility will begin on the following Monday. Those who do not remediate failing grades and complete/turn in “sign off” sheet will be declared ineligible for the remainder of the 5-week marking period.
4. Any student who is failing one subject maintains eligibility to participate in any interscholastic/extracurricular activities as long as they attend their scheduled Guided Study Hall.
5. If a student skips the Guided Study Hall or is sent out on a disciplinary referral that student will be ineligible to participate that day as well as the day(s) they are assigned for the referral.
6. Weighted grades will not be used for the application of this policy.
7. Overall grade evaluations will commence at the 5-week marking period. Ineligibility list will be posted every 5 weeks; re-evaluation will be conducted the first 2 weeks of eligibility period.
8. The Ineligibility/Guided Studyhall lists will be issued one school week following grade distribution from Guidance. The 5-week eligibility or ineligibility will commence on the next school day following publication of the list. (e.g. Student will be eligible or ineligible starting at 8 a.m. on the next day of school that his/her name appears or no longer appears on the list.)
9. All re-evaluations will include all subjects, not just those that the students are not passing. If at reevaluation the student is failing no more than 1 subject, he or she will be eligible without restriction.
10. Students DO NOT have a clean slate for Guided Studyhall each fall. This applies to students who earn a 69% or lower in a course for 4th quarter of the previous school year. 11. Any student who is academically ineligible to participate in interscholastic/extracurricular activities will be allowed to try out for activities and sports. The student will have the opportunity to try out with the other students for a period not to exceed 5 days.

Board of Ed. approval: 08/10/2015