Marking Period 4 Grading procedure

Marking Period 4 Grading procedure

Marking Period 4 Grading Procedure

Grading for Core Area Subjects in Grades 6 - 12, 7th & 8th Grade Health and Spanish, &

 9 - 12 Electives

At PCS we will be evaluating work and providing feedback while employing modified grading   with maximum flexibility for individual situations.  The priority for instruction should be that which best prepares students to meet the learning outcomes of the course.  In order to best continue with our mission to educate our students we have developed a new grading procedure. 

Fourth (4th) quarter assignments will be graded using a standards based system shown in the table below.  Teachers will rate each assignment with a score that ranges from 0-4 based on the degree to which the student met the requirements for the assignment. Scores from this rubric will be used to determine Pass/Fail.  A final grade calculation, based upon a balanced metric utilizing all quarters, will be used to determine a Pass/Fail or Credit/Not Credit mark.

Standards Grading


Exceeds Grade level Standards: Meets all aspects of the assignment and/or exceeds the learning target. 


Meets grade level standards: Meets most aspects of the assignment and student demonstrates understanding of the key concepts.


Approaching proficiency: Meets a few aspects of the assignments and student demonstrates a basic understanding of some concepts.


*An average of the scores will be calculated only for the purposes of determining whether or not a student receives course credit.  A 1.7 will be the minimum average among all course assignments which a student needs to earn in order to be given course credit.


Developing proficiency: Attempted the assignment or online participation. Students demonstrate limited understanding of the concepts.


Work not attempted: No grades entered

ACE Courses 

  • Grading for ACE courses will utilize the standards grading rubric (see above).  A letter score will be submitted to GCC at the conclusion of the course.

AP (College Board courses)

  • AP course grading will be calculated and posted numerically

Middle School Special Area Courses

  • Teachers will assign weekly logs.  Completion of these logs will be marked as Complete/Incomplete.  A Pass/Fail grade will be issued at the end of the course.