Web Site Changes - January 2018

Note to parents regarding changes to and omissions from the Pavilion Central School District web site:

The federal government is now requiring all entities who receive federal funding to be compliant with the revised Section 508 Standards of the Rehabilitation Act of 1976. In order to adhere to the Section 508 Standard, we will no longer be offering downloadable forms or files, in addition to several other required changes.

We are working hard to provide previously available forms and files in alternative formats.

If you are looking for a specific form or file, forms and files may be emailed, depending on privacy and security regulations. Please contact one of the following to request a form or file via email:

Cindy A. Pilc - District Technology Coordinator: cpilc@pavilioncsd.org

Mary Jo Pahl - District Superintendent Administrative Assistant: mjpahl@pavilioncsd.org

In addition, forms may be sent home with your student or picked up at each school building. Please call the front office of the appropriate building:

Deb Cartwright - Elementary School: 584-2100
Kris Hoffmeister - Middle-High School: 584-1025

Middle-High School Guidance forms may also be obtained by contacting:
Crista Boldt: 584-1015 boldt@pavilioncsd.org

The Pavilion Central School District would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we strive to offer a web site that is easily accessible by everyone.