Grading Guidelines 6-12 HYbrid Learning Model 2020


Pavilion Jr. Sr. High (6-12) School

Physical Education Grading Guidelines

During Hybrid and Remote Learning




Participation..............50% of Total Grade


Knowledge Assessments....50% of Total Grade




At the MSHS, we will only have PE one in-school class per week with students, and we will not be using locker rooms.  So all students must to be prepared each PE day wearing:

comfortable athletic type footwear

loose active clothing that will allow movement

clothing appropriate for outside weather


We will have classes outside most of the time, unless severe weather is happening.  That means even in cold weather students will need appropriate coats, gloves and/or hats.  During winter, we will most likely use our snowshoes and do other snow and outdoor activities.  So having winter boots will be important as well.


If any students need assistance obtaining appropriate clothing and footwear for PE, please contact Mrs. Witkowski, Phys. Ed. Dept. Chair, at or 584-3115, ext. 1117. Or contact your PE teacher.




 Written  assignments, worksheets, quizzes, tests will comprise 50% of the marking period grade.




 Physical Education is a participation class.  The expectation is that the student must participate in order to achieve the standards of this class, and therefore, receive a grade.

 This component is equal to 50% of the grade.

 Students are expected to participate to their fullest ability.

 In Class  Grading will be based on 10 points per class, using the following guidelines:


10 POINTS:  student is self-motivated, self-directed, cooperative, shows leadership, always involved, helpful, caring.

(behavior evidenced: sportsmanship, play hard, know the score, volunteer as a partner, fair play, compassion,…)

8 POINTS:  student is self-motivated, self-directed, cooperative, always involved.

6 POINTS:  student follows directives only, never giving extra effort; low motivation; little self-direction, limited involvement in class, usually cooperative.

4 POINTS:  student shows lack of or inconsistent effort, no self-direction, some lack of self-control, sometimes uncooperative.

2 POINTS:  student has no self-control, is uncooperative, little or no motivation, little effort is given, exhibits no self-direction.

0 POINTS:  student does not participate in the class.


*Loss of points for swearing/disrespect/insubordinate/lack of effort/unsafe/late to warm-ups, ….



If a student is absent for an in person class, that student may be given the lesson that the 100% Remote Learners are assigned.  

Each student is responsible for all material covered during their absence.  If a study sheet is handed out, a written assignment or assessment given, the student must arrange to handle these responsibilities.  If a student does not arrange to make up the assessment, a zero will be given as their grade.


All absences must be made up before the end of the marking period.  If a student has an extended absence, a teacher may elect to give that student alternate or adapted activities/assignments based upon the limited participation form filled out by the doctor. (see next section)




 If a student is injured or sick for an extended period of time, a Doctor's note must be sent to the nurse, and a "Limited Participation" form must be completed by the doctor.  The nurse has these forms.  The "Limited Participation" form will state those activities in which the student may safely participate.  They are expected to participate in all knowledge activities and/or assessments.
























 Attention  Dr.  ________________________  (Attending  Physician):

          All  students  registered  in  New  York  State  schools  are  required,  by  Education  Law,  to  attend  courses  of  instruction  in  Physical  Education.   In  the  event  that  a student  is  sick  or  injured,  this  instruction  must  be  modified  to allow  the  student  to participate  to  the  best  of  their  ability.

            Please  provide  the  following  information  to  guide  this  instructional  modification. (Copies  will  be  given  to  the  teaching  Staff  and  put  in  the  student’s  file)

 *Student  Name:  ____________________________________________

*Start/Ending Date  of  Modification: __________________________

*Diagnosis: ____________________________________________

 *PLEASE  CHECK  ALL  APPROPRIATE  ACTIVITIES  so  that  Physical Education Credit  can  be  obtained:       

_____Contact  Sports  (i.e.  soccer,  basketball,  football,  etc.)

_____Team  Non-Contact  Sports  (i.e.  volleyball,  kickball, softball, cooperative  games)

_____Individual  Non-Contact  Sports  (i.e.  archery, badminton, golf, tennis, etc.)

_____Skill  Practice,  using  non-affected  area (i.e. batting, throwing, striking, kicking, etc.)


_____Individualized  Exercise Program emphasizing  ______________________


______________________________Physician  Signature


                                                                            Thank  you,

                                                                        Lisa Sauer

                                                                        School Nurse