Grading Guidelines 7-8

Pavilion Jr. High (6-8)School

Physical Education Grading Guidelines




Dress = 20% of Total Grade


Participation = 60% of Total Grade


Knowledge Assessment = 20% of Total Grade





  • Dress consists of sneakers (with laces tied), socks, shorts, or sweat pants, T-shirt or sweat shirt.NO JEWELRY (except post earrings),NO UNIFORMS,NO GUM.


  • 10 POINTS can be earned per class.


  • 10 points will be earned if the student is fully prepared for class.


  • 5 points will be earned if the student has one item missing, or is wearing jewelry or chewing gum.


  • 0 points will be earned if the student is missing more than one item.


  • Students are expected to dress for every class, even when a written test is being given.









  • Written tests and assignments comprise 20% of the marking period grade.


  • Tests will be given for each unit of study and be based primarily on class teaching and study sheets(in paper form and/or electronic).





  • Physical Education is a participation class; therefore, this component is weighted heavier than the other parts.The expectation is that the student must participate in order to achieve the standards of this class, and therefore, receive a grade.


  • This component is equal to 60% of the grade.


  • Students are expected to participate to their fullest ability; athletes that do not participate in class will not be able to participate in their sport afterschool.






  • Grading will be based on 10 points per class, using the following guidelines:


  • 10 POINTS:student is self-motivated, self-directed, cooperative, shows leadership, always involved, helpful, caring.


  • (behavior evidenced: sportsmanship, play hard, know the score, volunteer as a partner, fair play, compassion,…)


  • 8 POINTS:student is self-motivated, self-directed, cooperative, always involved.


  • 6 POINTS:student follows directives only, never giving extra effort; low motivation; little self-direction, limited involvement in class, usually cooperative.


  • 4 POINTS:student shows lack of or inconsistent effort, no self-direction, some lack of self-control, sometimes uncooperative.


  • 2 POINTS:student has no self-control, is uncooperative, little or no motivation, little effort is given, exhibits no self-direction.


  • 0 POINTS:student does not participate in the class.


*Loss of points for swearing/disrespect/insubordinate/lack of effort/unsafe/late to warm-ups, ….





  • Each student may be absent(i.e. sickness, extracurricular activities, field trips) THREE CLASSES for every 10 week marking period without penalty.


  • Each student is responsible for all material covered during their absence.If a study sheet is handed out, a written or skill assessment given, the student must arrange to handle these responsibilities.If a student does not arrange to make up the assessment, a zero will be given as their grade.


  • If a student is absent more than 3 times in a 10 week marking period, the student must make up the class(es) within another period (student is responsible for arranging this with the teacher) or receive a zero for participation and dress for the date(s) of missed classes.


  • All absences must be made up before the end of the marking period.If a student has an extended absence, a teacher may elect to give that student alternate or adapted activities/assignments based upon the limited participation form filled out by the doctor. (see next section)


  • Students will earn dress and participation points for the missed class(es) during the make-up class.




  • If a student is injured or sick for an extended period of time, a Doctor's note must be sent to the nurse, and a "Limited Participation" form must be completed by the doctor.The nurse has these forms.The "Limited Participation" form will state those activities in which the student may safely participate.


  • If a student is injured/ill they, at the teacher's discretion, may still dress for class and participate as per the limited participation form; they are expected to participate in all knowledge activities and/or assessments.


  • In order to get credit for particitpation, the student must attempt to:

          * assist the teacher wherever possible, i.e.: refereeing, scorekeeping, coaching, and other low-activity assignments that fall within the scope of the doctor's limited participation directive.  If a doctor has stipulated that no activity is to take place, the teacher will assign a written assignment that follows the subjects under study in the class.  If the student is unable to attend school, they may make up the missed classes through the school's tutorial process by a written assignment.


  • as with other students, they will receive a grade that reflects how they participated under the modified guidelines.


 Please contact our school nurse for a copy of the fitness form.