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Social Studies

Presidential Elections

Country Project
This site will be used to complete the Sixth Grade Country Projects throughout the year. The Username is 03-51534, and the password is bigchalk. Have fun exploring the world!
Elie Wiesel's Foundation for Humanity
This is Elie Wiesel's web site. It includes biographical information about him as well as information about humanitarian efforts around the world. It also sponsors a yearly scholarship essay contest for juniors and seniors in college.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Animated Maps
This link takes you to the section of the Holocaust Memorial Museum's site that contains animated maps and recorded information about the Holocaust.


Mexican Gray Wolf
Living With Wolves
Poetry 180
Poetry 180 is a site sponsored by the Library of Congress. The goal of the site is to encourage students to read and enjoy contemporary poetry on a daily basis. You can read the poem yourself or listen to each poem being read aloud. You don't have to analyze a single line! Just sit back and enjoy some great poetry!
What Should I Read Next?
This is a neat site that can help you choose your next book. If you type in the name of a book you enjoyed and click on the title, it will compile a list of books that are similar. You do not need to register. Check it out!

YALSA is a branch of the American Library Association that is geared toward young adult readers. The link above will take you directly to the book list section of the website, which contains lists of recommended books. If you are at a loss for what to read next, this is a great site for generating ideas.


Counting syllables
Checking your syllables
Grammar Book
Grammar Book is a great site that states grammar and punctuation rules clearly and gives multiple examples of each rule in use.
Purdue Owl
This is a link to Purdue University's Online Writing Lab for students in grades 7-12. It contains many tips for writing in general, including grammar instruction and correct MLA formatting for research papers.
Rhyme Brain
This site allows you to search for words that rhyme. It may be helpful if you are writing a poem or trying to find a way to remember a definition.
Thesaurus and
This site will take you to and It's a great tool to use if you are looking for another way to say or write something.


Teacher Vision Word Games
This site contains vocabulary and spelling games for multiple grade levels.
Vocabulary Games
This site is filled with vocabulary games for all grade levels. It also contains games that address foreign language and math vocabulary terms.