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Works Cited Page

n  a list of sources from your research that you actually used
n  done on a separate sheet of paper from the rest of your written section
n  organized alphabetically by the first item in the entry
n  uses a period at the end of the entry
n  double-spaced


A.    One Author

Author (last name, first name  middle initial.).  Title.  City of Publication:  Publishing Company, Year. Print.

 Huxley, Aldous.  Brave New World.  New York:  Harper Perenial, 1969. Print.

In text citation: (Huxley 89).

Two Authors – Use this as it appears on the book

Author 1 (last name, first name middle initial.) and Author 2 (first name last name.). Title. City of

Publication: Publisher, Year. Print.

 Michaels, Igor P. and Gilbert Phillips. Ice Cream and You. Rochester: Triple Day Books, 1995. Print.

In text citation: (Michaels and Phillips 165).

C.    Three or More Authors – Use this as it appears on the book

Author 1 (last name, first name middle initial.) et al. Title. City of Publication: Publisher, Year. Print.

Fernando, Morton, et al. The Brad Pitt Reader. New York: Random House, 1969. Print.

In text citation: (Fernando 44-62).

D.    Corporate Author

Company Name. Title. Edition number. City of Publication: Publisher, year. Print.

Adidas Corporation.  Hip Hop Fashion. 7th ed. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1999. Print.

In text citation: (Adidas Corporation 5-12).


Editor (Last name, First name middle initial.), ed. Title.  City of Publication: Publisher, year. Print.

 Bowler, Ellen, ed. Literature: The British Tradition. Boston: Prentice Hall, 1996. Print.

In text citation: (Bowler 45-7).


Author of work (Last name, First name middle initial.). Title of work (use appropriate punctuation).

Title of Anthology. Ed. Names of Editor(s). City of Publication: Publisher, Year.   Page numbers. Print.

Shakespeare, William. Macbeth. Literature: The British Tradition. Ed. Ellen Bowler. Boston: Prentice Hall, 1996.144-58. Print.

In text citation: (Shakespeare 144-58).


Author (last name, first name  middle initial.).  “Article/Entry Title.”  Reference Book.  Edition. Year. Print.

Toolan, Cooper K.  “Atomic Bomb.”  Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 1993. Print.

In text citation: (Toolan 792).

“Franklin, Benjamin.”  World Book Encyclopedia.  1997 ed. Print.

In text citation: (“Franklin, Benjamin” 399).


Author (last name, first name  middle initial.).  “Article Title.”  Newspaper Date:  Section page number. Print.

Riggs, Jim.  “The Bills’ Last Hurrah.”  Buffalo News December 30, 1995: C1-4. Print.

In text citation: (Riggs C1-3).


Author (Last Name, First Name Middle Initial.). “Article Title.” Journal Title. Volume Number. Issue  (year): Page numbers. Print.

Frehley, Ignatius Patrick. “Tract Dysfunctions.” Western Medicine Monthly. 5.3 (2001): 7-45. Print.

In text citation: (Frehley 7-13).


Author (last name, first name  middle initial.).  “Article.”  Magazine Name Volume, Date:  pages x-y. Print.

 Smith, Albert, and Larry Lacitigtola.  “When Will the Rains Come?”  Time 91, Nov. 22, 1995: 

35-41, 52-6. Print.

In text citation: (Smith and Lacitigtola 35-41, 52).


Author (last name, first name  middle initial.).  “Article Title.”  Periodical Title. Publication Date (dd mon. year): Pages. Database Name.  Web. Date Accessed <Basic Web Site Address>.

 “Battle of Gettysburg: American Civil War.” United States at War.  29 March 2008: 4-6. United States at War.  Web. 8 May 2009 <>.

In text citation: (“Battle”)


Author or organization in charge of site, if possible (last name, first name  middle initial.). “Article Title/Title at top of Web Page.”  Name of Website. Name of Organization responsible for Web Site. Publication Date (or last update). Web. Date you accessed site. <full Web Site>. 

 Sinack, Russel P. “The Bell of Victory.” World at War. Time-Life. 2006. Web. September 2008 < victory>.

In text citation: (Sinack).


Movie Title.  Dir. Director’s First Name Last Name.  Movie Company, Year. DVD.

Episode I:  The Phantom Menace.  Dir. George Lucas.  20th Century Fox, 1999. DVD.

In text citation: (Episode I: The Phantom Menace).


“Title of Episode” (if known).  Name of series or television show.  Network, City of Network

Location.  Original airdate or date witnessed. Television.

“Justice for All.”  Law and Order.  NBC, Hollywood, CA.  October 4, 1998. Television.

In text citation: (“Justice for All”).

“Weapons of the Luftwaffe.”  The History Channel presents World War II.  The History

Channel, New York.  September 23, 2001. Television.

In text citation: (“Weapons of the Luftwaffe”)


Group/Singer.  Title.  Company: Year. CD or MP3.

Osmotic Death.  Rampage.  O’Connor Records: 1991. CD.

In text citation: (Osmotic Death).

If using a specific song from a recording, use the following:

Crichton, Michael.  “The Helping Verb Song.”  English’s Greatest Hits.  Lacitigranola Records:  1991. MP3.

In text citation: (Crichton ).


Last Name, First Name.  Interviewed by ______.  City Location, Date.

Burns, Montgomery.  Interviewed by Homer J. Simpson.  Springfield, IL, July 3, 1997.

In text citation: (Burns).


Last Name, First Name.  Lecture.  Title of Lecture.  Location, Date.

Colbert, David.  Lecture.  The Battle of Iwo Jima.  Ithaca Central School, Ithaca,

NY, December 5, 2000.

In text citation: (Colbert).

Other Information to Remember:

1. If no author is known, put the article name first.

2. If work has two authors, place in order they appear on the work, which may not be alphabetical.

Ex.  Last name, first name  middle initial. and first name  middle initial.  last name.

3. If it is an encyclopedia entry about a person, then put it as the entry appears (usually Last Name, First Name).

Page numbers examples:

            10-7                             (Pages 10 through 17)            

            21-8                             (Pages 21 through 28)            

            1, 5-10, 24-9                (Pages 1, five through 10, and 24 through 29)

4. All indentations are done on the second and all following lines.  Indent five spaces (a tab).

5. Alphabetical order is done in the manner of the authors’ last names.  If an article has no author, then you must place items in alphabetical order based on the first word in the entry.  Words such as articles (the, an, a) are not used in determining the title.