Library Handbook


The mission of the Pavilion Middle and High School Library Media Center is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information enabling them to be literate life long learners:

  1. By providing instruction to foster competence in acquiring and using information and ideas and in evaluating information resources.
  2. By stimulating interest in reading and appreciation of literature through group instruction and individual guidance.
  3. By providing intellectual and physical access to a balanced collection of curricular-based materials in multiple formats that represent a diversity of experiences, opinions and social and cultural perspectives.
  4. By working with other educators to design and carry out learning experiences to meet the needs of all students.
  5. By providing access and instruction in the use of information technology: Internet, online databases, online catalog and a variety of services and software


  1. Book circulation.
  2. Reference service.
  3. Periodicals and daily newspapers available.
  4. Online catalog provided to locate specific materials.
  5. Automated circulation system.
  6. Interlibrary loan services.
  7. Internet and database searching assistance.
  8. Site for individual and small group activities.
  9. Provides a computer bank with word processing, spreadsheet, databases, publishing, power point, Internet and subscription databases.


  1. Students are expected to work or read while they are in the library.  Be prepared!  Students who are not willing to work or read will be sent back to study hall.
  2. Students are expected to behave properly at all times.  Discourteous or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  3. Quiet talking will be permitted provided it does not disturb anyone in the library.
  4. Students in the library on a faculty pass must give the pass to library staff when they enter.  They will be expected to work on the project assigned by the faculty member who issued the pass.  If they are not, they will return to study hall or class.
  5. Any student caught writing in, tearing, or cutting up library materials risk losing their library privileges.  The student will be expected to pay for the damaged materials.  These actions can also result in materials being shelved for restricted use.
  6. Throwing things in the library is forbidden (especially spitwads).  This will result in a minimum of thirty day suspension of library privileges.
  7. Students are not allowed to touch the back issues of magazines stored in the library.  If you wish to see an issue of a particular magazine, ask library staff to get it off the shelf.
  8. Reference books, magazines, and newspapers may not be removed from the library.
  9. Respect for library furnishings is expected.


  1. When a class is working on a project that involves the resources of thelibraryateacher may issue a faculty pass to a student.
  2. A faculty pass allows a student a priority slot on the list of students who are allowed to attend the library from a study hall.
  3. A student must present the faculty pass to library staff upon arrival from study hall or class.
  4. While a student is in the library he/she must be working on the specific project for which the pass was issued.
  5. If a student is observed not working on this project they are returned to study hall or class. Teachers will be notified and the student will not be granted faculty passes in the future.


  1. The circulation period for books is one month. Circulating books may be renewed. There is no limit on the number of times a book may be renewed.
  2. Magazines and reference books cannot be removed from the library.
  3. Books set aside as reserved for a special class project may be taken out overnight and must be returned before first period the next day.


  1. Overdue notices are sent to student’s homerooms on a weekly basis.
  2. Students are expected to respond to the overdue notice as soon as possible.
  3. The students should then either return or renew the materials.
  4. If there is a question or problem regarding a book the student should come to the library and inform the staff as soon as possible. Please do not ignore an overdue notice.
  5. After the third notice a warning notice is sent to the student’s homeroom. Students are informed that if their overdue materials are not returned or renewed within the week their library privileges will be suspended.
  6. If the warning notice is ignored or if the materials are lost or destroyed a bill letter requesting either the return of the materials or payment of a replacement fee is sent to parents or guardians. Parents or guardians are also informed that the student’s library privileges have been suspended until the matter is settled.
  7. Report cards will be withheld from students who have a book that is over one month overdue and has not been returned or renewed. Parents will be notified.
  8. If a book has been paid for and then found before the end of the current academic year a refund will be issued.


  1. Academic use of the computers is given a priority.  Upon arrival students should inform library staff about what project they will be working on.  Computer services include: word processing, spreadsheets, databases, publishing, Internet searching and database research.  Recreational use of computers is limited.
  2. When printing be careful—do not overdo it.  Students should ask permission to print.  Keep printing jobs to a minimum.  Deliberate over-printing is to be considered an offense.  Printing is limited to academic material only.
  3. Students must stay within the prescribed programs and settings selected for student use on the computer.  If a student is caught outside of the programs or changing the settings he/she will lose computer privileges.
  4. Students must make appropriate use of the Internet.  It is each student’s responsibility to access only appropriate web sites.  Failure to do this will result in a loss of computer privileges.
  5. Students must log on using their own account.  Using someone else’s account violates the rules and the student will lose their computer privileges.  
  6. The only games that are allowed to be played are those that are  a direct link from a teacher’s web page and are educational.
  7. Library rules will apply to the computer area.
  8. Tampering with computer hardware is strictly forbidden.