Guidance Department


PCS Guidance Staff:
Ann Pursel, Grades 6-9 Guidance Counselor, (585)584-3115 x1016
Melissa Wawrzynski, Grades 10-12 Guidance Counselor,
(585) 584-3115 x1017
Crista Boldt, Secretary,, (585) 584-1015

School counselors play an instrumental role in shaping students for success - not just academically, but socially, behaviorally, and emotionally as well. For instance, we:

help students deal with and diffuse problems brought into school from home and outside the classroom;

act as consultants to teachers and serve as sources of institutional knowledge for administrators;

provide academic and career guidance to students, and help them meet and overcome emotional- and mental-health challenges;

establish and promote supportive learning environments; develop academic and behavioral intervention programs; and

foster and maintain parental involvement.