Social Studies
Touring America Celebration

Float directions:


  • Start with a box (cereal or boot boxes work well-max size 12x18 copy paper box lid)

  • Cover the box with attractive colored paper (use state colors)

  • Add your symbols and diorama figures (sturdy like tag board or cardboard) 

  • Use your imagination in making it as attractive as possible.

  • Make sure to use a variety of materials

    [Students do NOT have to spend lots of money on materials nor buy figurines, look around your house and your classroom.]


    State floats will be graded on the following criteria:  

    Content: Your float must include the following (minimum 12 items):

    •  State Flag     5 points
    •  State nickname (such as The Sunshine State or The Golden State)      5 points
    •  State colors      5 points
    •  Date state entered into the union      5 points
    •  4+ famous landmarks, attractions, events, key products, or industries 20 points
    •  4+ symbols such as the  state tree, flower, emblem, etc.    20 points
    • Be sure to include:
    •  A title index card with your name      5 points
    •  name of state must be prominently displayed   5 points
    •  an index card that explains the design and details of the float (how you made it and with what).    5 points
    •  neatness and quality of workmanship 25 points (20 points if only do the minimum)

     Float due Date: not assigned yet


Mapmaker:  Click to improve your geography skills.

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