Newspaper Reporter

The following are the News Reporter’s duties:

  1. Read an article out of a newspaper or magazine that is no more than two weeks old.  The article must be about some aspect of world, national, state or local news.  (Sports related articles are acceptable.)  This must be done BEFORE arriving to school.  Also, I have bookmarked some online newspapers on my webpage to help.
  2. Summarize the article for the class in 1-2 minutes.  (DO NOT READ THE ARTICLE TO THE CLASS!)  You may show pictures to class if they are part of the news article.
  3. The summary should contain:

    The purpose of the article (to inform about...), Who, WhenWhere (know what place(s) to point out on the map),What happened/will happen, Why you picked the article, what you learned from the article and try to include a photo or illustration

  4. You may write out the summary for yourself if you want to do so.  You do not have to hand in the summary, but you will receive a grade on the summary you say in front of the class, which will go towards your Social Studies grade.
  5. Know the article well enough to be able to answer questions that your classmates might have about it.
  6. You will be the News Reporter about once a month.  Please be prepared on the day and enjoy being in the spotlight!!!!