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The web links provided below is a good resource for you when doing research for homework assignments or specific class topics. The links are organized by groups for easy reference. Simply click on the link title to go to the website.

Help with Fractions

add/subtract mulitply/divide fractions

fraction practice

fun brain fractions

add/sub fractions

Accentuate the Negative

numberline fractions

General Math

decimal game

decimal game 2


LCM #2

Tangram Puzzles
Test your skill at using tangrams to create the shapes on this website.

visual fraction practice

equivalent fraction concentration game

comparing fractions

equivalent fractions

lowest common denominator

Number Invaders - Multiplication and Division
The Number Invaders are descending upon the innocent inhabitants of a distant planet. Help Trevor keep the Number Invaders a safe distance away. You'll need instant recall of multiplication and division facts and a steady hand to win this game!

factor and multiple game 2 players

factors and multiples game 2

Math Websites

Place Value Games
Lots of games to practice place value.

Decimal Place Value Games

5th Grade math games
Try the fraction game with a friend!

Sum Dog
We use this site for math competitions throughout the year.

Math Fact Practice

Moving digits x/ by 10 and 100
Place value review

AAA Math
Learn, practice, play, and explore every topic in math. These are online lessons and games. There's even a way to track your progress.

Web Math by Discovery Education
Are you stuck on a math problem? This site will help you solve it. You'll find hundreds of instant-answer, self-help, math solvers, ready to provide you with instant help on your math problem. The only problem I noticed was that some areas would not accept decimal problems that I would type in.

Decimal game

Decimal game 2

Decimal Jeopardy Game


Interactive Games

Multiplication Quizzes

Math Resources for Parents

Fifth Grade Lessons
These teachers have video taped lessons in all areas of fifth grade math. You can use these lessons to help your child review what they learned in class or to practice what they are going to be learning.

Learn Zillions
These are lessons for the Common Core areas of math and ELA. It breaks each Standard into smaller lessons.

Songs for Learning

Place Value Rap

Decimal Song
Let's wake up what you already know!

English Language Arts

ELA Games

Word Build and Bank
This interactive site will allow you to use word endings to build many new words!

Word Family Sort
This site will allow you to practice sorting words into the word family. It doesn't check your work, so have someone else check your work when you are finished. Have fun!

Word Wizard
This interactive site gives you clues to name the word to build using letter tiles, it also uses some of our favorite children's books to read. Enjoy!


Weekly spelling words


Science Explorer
Wow, so many really cool science experiments here! Check it out!

Wow! This site also has many cool science experiments to try. Remember to always get help from a parent at home when you try any of these. Let me know how they go!

Social Studies

National Geographic for Kids

World Atlas Maps

Kids Newsroom


Community Workers

Whitehouse Kids
There are many activities here, including math challenge questions and games!

Student News

CNN Student News
News from CNN that talks about what is important for students to know - informative and fun!


Square Puzzle
Try to make a square. It's not as easy as you may think!

Free Rice
Play learning games and feed starving people with your winnings.

Dance Mat Typing
Typing lessons online.