Why is Physical Fitness Important?

I. Why is Fitness important?

A. When you are fit you feel better, sleep better, and look better
B. Fit people live longer—up to five years according to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine!
C. Being fit helps to reduce your risk of disease and helps PREVENT injury (Especially as you get older)
D. When you are in shape it is easier to enjoy leisure activities
E. Fitness improves mental well-being
F. Good health habits established when you are young are easier to maintain, rather than having to try to break bad habits and learn new ways as an adult

 II.What can you do to promote good health and fitness?

A. Get plenty of exercise – make it fun, use the buddy system (soccer, bike riding, go for a walk)
B. Limit time spent in front of screens/using electronics
C. Get enough rest –recharge your battery
D. To help your bones grow properly and become strong
       1. eat a balanced diet including plenty of dairy products
       2.  avoid too much junk food, especially soda pop