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Math sites

Great fact practice and games for kids

Engineering games
These are fun, challenging games that are based in engineering applications.

Gone Bananas
Fun facts practice game

Fun Brain
Fun activities and games

Fact Family Game
Great fact practice game

Fractions on a number line
This activity will help students visualize the size of a fraction.

Fraction Jam
This activity helps students understand fractions

Lots of games to practice with fractions.

Fraction addition and subtraction
Online practice adding and subtracting fractions

Fruit Shoot
A fun game in which you shoot the fruit with the value matching the blocks that are shown !

Scooter Quest
Make money as you deliver papers using your knowledge of place value.

This game helps students practice telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour and minute. It also helps them solve elapsed time questions.

ABC games
Lots of fun, educational games of different kinds.

Rounding Games
These rounding arcade type games are Common Core aligned and are fun !

Place Value Pirates
This game helps practice decimal place value in a fun way !

Place Value Genie
This game has a genie asks place value (to the thousands) questions and grants you your wish if you're correct !

Brain Racer
This is one of several games available at this link that practice rounding to the tens, hundreds, or thousands place in a fun, arcade format.

Math Playground
This site has fun games in which you can compete with other students while boosting your math skills.  It helps practice skills such as multiplication and division.

Reading sites

This site has fun stories and games for early readers.

Long Walk to Water Quiz

Guessing Game
This fun riddle game helps students inference and guess what theriddle is all about !

Context Cows
Compete against some cows by guessing the meaning of words within sentences !

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Compete by guessing the meaning of a word in a sentence.

Boys Read
This site has lists of books that may be of special interest to boys.

It's Greek to Me
This game helps students identify definitions by using clues found in words' roots.

Clean up your grammar
In this game, students sort nouns and verbs into the correct recycle bins.

Charlotte's Web pick the perfect word game
Assist Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web by selecting the perfect word for her to weave.

Fish up word endings
This game sends you fishing to find correct word endings.

Spelling City
This game allows you to play a number of fun games with grade level spelling words.

Social Studies

U.S. Presidents
Interesting facts about our presidents

US Constitution

Geography links
This teacher's site has tons of great links to geography games, sites and activities for the United States and many other countries !

State ID game
Find the states and beat the clock !

US map game
Drag and drop all 50 states where they belong on the US map. You can do it with or without outlines !

Tour the States Song

Geography and map activities
A variety of geography and interactive map activities


Dance Mat
This site is a fun way to learn and practice keyboarding.

Typing games
Great arcade-style games to practice keyboard skills.


Newton's Apple Science
This site has over 300 streaming videos about all kinds of fascinating science topics.

NASA weather site
This site has really interesting pictures and activities related to weather.

Keep Rainforests Beautiful
This site has maps, pictures, and lots of information about rainforests around the world.

field research photo
A photo of researchers in the rainforest.

Measuring tree growth
Anna and Marco measuring tree's growth in the heart of Borneo for their research.

Borneo Travel blog
A record of the travels and observations of scientists who traveled to the rainforests of Borneo.

Rainforest volunteers
This is a photo of rainforest volunteers.

Help for farmers
This photo shows a new way to help farmers deal with climate change.

Goat Cove in the Great Bear Rainforest
Picture of Goat Cove in British Columbia, Canada

What are rainforests?
This is a great informational website with great pictures and info !

Information for parents

Common Core Family Information
This link to the NYS Dept. of Education's website, Engage NY, has information about the Common Core. They also attempt to answer frequently asked questions and address concerns about the Common Core.