Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working at Pavilion Central School.

The Pavilion Central School District is located less than an hour away from either Rochester or Buffalo, which makes PCS not only A Great Place to Learn, but also a Great Place to Work!!

Pavilion Central School District

Vacancies for 2019-2020

·        Varsity Tennis Coach

·        Modified Tennis Coach


                                                Application Process:   To apply go to:

Pavilion CSD website complete and submit PCS

Coaching application form link above: Mail three (3) references or

Email to mjpahl@pavilioncsd.org

Pavilion Central School

Attn: District Office

7014 Big Tree Road

Pavilion, NY 14525

Application Deadline: January 3, 2020

Pavilion Central School uses Recruitfront to list our available openings for applicants from the Rochester area, please click HERE to be directed to the job board which shows our openings for your area. 

Pavilion Central School uses WNYRIC  to list our available opening for applicants from the Buffalo area, please click HERE to be directed to the job board which shows openings from your area. 

Pavilion Central School continuously recruits for:

Substitute Teachers, both certified and non-certified
Substitute Bus Drivers
Substitute Food Service Helpers
Substitute Cleaners

The above positions are listed as Classified Positions on the WNYRIC site.

Pavilion Central School is also searching for a Full-time probationary School Psychologist for Grades K-12.

Position start date is approximately ASAP
If you have any questions about this position, please contact Cathy at ccerefin@pavilioncsd.org.

The above position is listed as a Certified position on the WNYRIC site.