School Lunch Information

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Prices and Items subject to change
Please contact the district for a paper copy of the current menu.

             Lunch                    2nd Entree            Side Entree Only
P-5       $2.25 $1.70 $2.25
6-12      $2.35 $1.80 $2.35
              Breakfast          2nd Entree            Side Entree Only 
P-5          $1.50                    $1.50                        $1.50
6-12        $1.60                    $1.60                        $1.60

Adult Lunch $3.93 (+ tax = $4.24)
Adult Breakfast $2.35 (+ tax = $2.54)
Adult Entree (Breakfast or lunch) $2.35 (+ tax = $2.54)
Adult 2nd Lunch Entree $1.80 (+Tax = $1.94)

Milk, Fruit, or 4 oz juice-$.50
Potatoes, Rice, or Pasta -$.75
Soup (8 oz bowl) $1.00
Snacks (cheezits, chortels, scoobie bones, goldfish, muffin tops, sf seeds, yogurt, string cheese-$.60
All Chips-$.70
All Ice Cream-$1.00
Water, Plain-$1.00
100% Juice (Tropicana or Snapple) (6-12 only)-$1.25
G2 (9-12 only)-$1.25
ICE, FRUIT20 (9-12 only)-1.75

**All adult sales are taxable

Daily Lunch Choices

Salad Bar/Deli Bar
Chicken Ceasar Salad
PBJ Sandwich

PBJ Sandwich
Yogurt Meal
Salad/Deli Sandwich

Available with all meals
Fresh Veggie Bar
Fresh/Canned Fruit

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If you have questions please contact:
Sue Slate-Food Service Director