New York State Teacher Center LogoHi, I am a co-chair for the Genesee Region Teacher Center and your Pavilion Connection to our many resources.  Please let me know how we can help you find needed resources you need for your professional development.

The Genesee Region Teacher Center is one of 133 centers under the New York Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers.  This resource was established in 1984 and now has 133 Teacher Centers state wide.  In addition there are 6 regional networks, 5 statewide committees and 3 statewide projects that we are a part of. Our funding is connected to the data we collect, showing our effectiveness in teacher professional development.

Our center is housed at the Robert Morris School in Batavia and serves 14 public, private and higher education schools in Genesee County. In addition to policy board members, 1 from each district, we also have representatives from the business community and a parent representative.

We have a variety of resources available to you such as:

books and e-book

services (die cuts and book binding)

electronic equipment (Nooks and iPads for action research)

pilot programs-featuring technology initiatives

Networking opportunities

Workshops for Professional Development

Book Talks

Access to webinars

Trainings in Cognitive Coaching, Adaptive Schools and Habits of Mind

Just to name a few!

Please let me know if there anything that I can do to help with your professional development.