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Just for Fun

Wacona Games
Fun games for kids!


PBS Kids


Lego Games

Play games and check out the latest Disney shows!

Weekly Reader
Check out the current events online that follow our classroom magazine.

Make a word search or a maze!

Enchanted Learning
Print off pictures, little books, and learn a lot!

Kids Konnect
Loads of fun- games, pictures, information, etc.

Kid Click


RAZ Kids
Read stories at your level!

Tumble Books
Read books with the author!

Students can read stories, play games, and complete fun activities.

Room 108 Spelling and Writing
Games and activities which help with spelling and writing.

Junie B. Jones
Check out this site that has our favorite girl, Junie B. Jones!

Word Central
Brought to you by Webster's dictionary, this website has word games and much more!

PBS: Between the Lions
Similar to the TV show.


NY Learns

Cool Math
Math lessons, practice, flashcards, etc.

Math Fact Cafe
Premade worksheets, extra math practice, etc.

Primary Math Games
Math games and much more!

Room 108 Math
Many games for a variety of Math skills.

Sum Dog
You will need your username and password!

Addition Practice

A+ Math
Need extra practice with your basic facts? Go here to make flashcards, play games, etc.

Xtra Math


Discovery Channel

Make a tornado, play games, have fun!

Space Place

National Geographic for Kids

Fire Safe Kids

Shark Friends
Check out this ocean site which shows many ocean animals.

Dental Health- Colgate
A cool way for kids to learn about dental health.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Take a look at a cool aquarium.

Billy Bear - Dinosaurs
Dinosaur fun!

Kids dino
Another fun dinosaur site!

Fun School - Kaboose
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs!

Have fun with Sparky and learn about fire safety!  


Topics include: smart parenting, ow to help your child at school, articles, expert advice, etc.

Family Fun
Need something fun to do with your child? Go here to make crafts, learn new games, etc.

Divison of Criminal Justice
Information solely for parents.

Learning Disablities
Information on different learning disabilities.

Internet Safety
Talk with Clicky about how to keep your child safe on the internet.