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Multiplication Word Problems


Typing Skills

Dance Mat Typing
This site teaches step by step typing skills. It is easy and it is a fun way for kids to learn proper keyboarding skills.


RAZ kids
This is RAZ kids where you can read books and complete assignments online for your teacher! :)


EPIC books  

Reference books 
This is an online dictionary.

Online Thesaurus
Find synonyms and antonyms of almost every word in the English language!

Math Games:


Identify the 50 states
Practice your US geography skills little by little on this site.

Learn the States - Interactive map
This website lets you study the US states by allowing you to click on the state and learn its name.

Animal Adaptations

Practice Tape Diagrams  


English language arts skills

Phonics videos
This site has funny videos that help you learn the rules about spelling. FUNNY!

These are really fun word play games that can help practice spelling and vocabulary skills. There are activities for K-5 students on here so students can choose any level they may need.


Identify the 50 states
Practice your US geography skills little by little on this site.

Learn the States - Interactive map
This website lets you study the US states by allowing you to click on the state and learn its name.

The States
Learn some quick facts about the 50 states!

Pangea and continental drift simulator
Learn how the Earth's continents split apart and are now like separate puzzle pieces.

7 continents practice
Here you can study the 7 continents and oceans and play a game testing your knowledge.

Continents and oceans song

This is a cool song about the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world.

Tape Diagrams Practice

Tape Diagrams
Practice making tape diagrams on this website.

Telling Time

Telling time basketball- Time to the minute
This is a game that is a fun way to practice telling time to the nearest minute.

ABCya telling time to the nearest 5 minutes
This is a game where you can practice telling time to the nearest 5 minutes.

Primary Games telling time
This is just a practice activity for telling time on a analog clock.


Desert Animals
This site will tell you about 5 desert animals.

Rainforest Animals
Click on the animals in the picture and it will tell you more about that animal.

Finding Area

Mr. Nussbaums Zoo
Design your very own zoo by following the directions about the areas of your zoo enclosures.


Comparing unit fractions

Ordering unit fractions

Freaky Frogs!

Kid Zone frogs
This website has information on some of the frogs we are researching. Check it out! See if yours is one of them.

Information about the CANE TOAD

This site will give you information on the CANE TOAD only.

Fish For Info Databases
These are all of the databases that we can use to learn about topics we are researching. These databases will be helpful for some of you: Amazing Animals: African clawed frog Grey tree frog Poison dart frog Spring peeper Strawberry poison dart frog Wallace's flying frog Wood frog Searchasaurus: Cane toad Wood frog Poison frog American bullfrog

Kids Biology
You can get some information if you are researching any of these frogs: African clawed toad American bullfrog Flying frog Glass frog Goliath frog Red-eyed tree frog Spring Peeper Whistling frog

A-Z Animals
Under "Amphibia" you will find information about these frogs: African clawed frog Bullfrog Horned frog Tree frogs Poison dart frogs

Tree Frogs & Amphibians
This site was suggested by a student from Colorado who was also researching frogs.  Thank you Anthony!


multiplication facts games
This site is a fun way to practice multiplication facts. My favorite is Diaper Derby! :)

Multiplication games
A fun way to practice math facts.

This site is so cool because the kids can play against each other at school or from home. The games are fun, students can earn coins to change their personal avatar on the site, and students get a lot of practice with your math skills as well.

Kids Numbers
This site has many fun games that help students practice their mental math skills and their math facts.

math playground
You can practice your math skills on this site.

cool math
This site has math activities for all ages


Researching Countries and Culture

Explore and More
Not all countries are available on this site but there is good information about 11 different countries around the world.

Time for Kids (TFK)
If you scroll down the page a bit there are MANY countries to choose from to research. There is a lot of information on this site so you will have to use the text features to help guide you to the information you need.

National Geographic
This site has a lot of information, but you may need to read a lot of text in order to find the information you are looking for.

Search Engines

Google is everyone's friend. BUT REMEMBER, not all websites are good resources. The best sources have web addresses that end in .org OR .edu

Problem solving

The Fruit Master
This is a quick great problem solving game where you have to figure out to beat "The Fruit Master"

Make your own tessellations online. This is great for kids in grades K-2.

Social studies

Fact Monster
This site has facts about almost any topic you can think of!

Important time eras in US history
This is a great way to find out about the important time eras in U.S. history like...The Great Depression, the Gilded Age, WWI and WWII.....just to name a few. You can also enter your bithdate here and see what important things have happened on your birthdate in US history.

Biographies of famous americans
This is a great way to find out about some amazing Americans from U.S. history.

Science / animals

Food Chain Simulator
This is an AWESOME activity where you can investigate what happens when a simple food chain is altered in some way. 

Switcheroo Zoo
Create your own animal by mixing up body parts of many different animals. Also build a habitat for animals. FUN!

Fact Monster
This site has facts about almost any topic you can think of!

BBC solids and liquids
Here you can do some online experiments to observe the changes in the state of matter.

BBC changing state
More online experiments showing how the states of matter change.

ZOOM Science
This is on the site and is from the show ZOOM on PBS. It has ideas for experiements you can do at home and information on a wide variety of science topics.

Moon phase simulator
This is a great site to use to help understand why we see the changes in the moon that we do.

Earths axis simulator
This is a great tool for understanding why we experience seasons.

Your digestive system
Here is where you can learn all about what happens inside your body when you eat!


NASA kids club games
A site with space-themed games to play. Level 3 has a good addition game to practice your math facts.

NASA picture dictionary
This is where you can find the definitions of 100s of space-related terms.

NASA for researching
This is the website where you can find a lot of information about all of the things within our solar system.

Just for fun

On this site you can type words and then the site will create a neat picture using the words. This is a fun way to practice typing and spelling skills.

Book Leveling

Lexile Framework for Reading
Look in the upper right hand corner of the screen to find a book of a certain Lexile level OR to find the Lexile level of a certain title.

Scholastic BookWizard
This site is a great tool for finding the reading level of many titles. If you can't get the Lexile Level, you can find the grade level equivalent which can help you find "just right" books for your child.

Landforms Around the World

Landforms map
This is an interactive map with some examples of landforms on each continent. Click on the red dots on the map and it will reveal information about these landforms.

Library Databases
Go to the database titled: PK Earth and Space. You will find a lot of information about landform