HEALTH            Course No. 987  .5 unit
Grades 10-12    Level 3  40 weeks

The course is designed to demonstrate concepts of lifelong health and wellness as well as present resources one needs to utilize and practice those concepts in order to maintain and understand personal well-being.

Curriculum includes units with notes, projects, labs, homework assignments, participative assignments, and exams in the following study areas:

· Physical Activity and Fitness
· Mental/Emotional Health (Depression/Suicide: NYS Requirement)
· Nutrition (Food Labels: NYS Requirement)
· Reproductive Health (STI/D’s: NYS Requirement)
· Drugs of Abuse (Opiates: NYS Requirement)
· First Aid (CPR Hands on Training/AED: NYS  Requirement)
· Health/Wellness Advocacy

Marking Procedure: Weighted Points System

· Final Exam 5% (20% of 4th quarter grade)
· Projects/Exams 30%
· Labs 25%
· Participation 10%
· Homework 15%
· Vocabulary 15%