October 10, 2018 Shared Services Minutes


Shared Services Committee Meeting

6:00 p.m., October 10, 2018



1.     Update on YCS student participation in PCS Ag program:


One York CSD currently attends the AG program at PCS. The student takes and agriculture class, ELA and Plant Science. The student will take the ELA Regents at York. The student is doing very well in the program.


2.     SAT Prep


We had 108 students participate in the shared SAT prep assembly hosted by PCS. 73 PCS students and 35 York CSD students were in attendance. We have plans to host an ACT prep class in the spring.


3.     Future academic/assembly shares:


We are planning a shared mental health focused assembly that will focus on students in grades 9-12. Possible topics: suicide prevention, and the impact of trauma.

PCS will host a trauma informed PD in November which will be shared with York CSD staff.


4.     Fall Sports update:


See attached forms outlining student participation.

Shared programs are continuing to work well. Our student athletes have formed good relationships in each team. The shared program allows both districts to offer athletic opportunities to students in both districts that otherwise would be eliminated due to low numbers. Committee recommends a review of Girls Soccer in the Spring.



5.     Discussion of winter/spring athletics:


Swimming and Wrestling programs are working very well.

Committee recommends revisiting cheerleading options once we have a better knowledge participation numbers.