October 4, 2017 Shared Services Minutes

York-Pavilion Shared Services Committee Meeting
6:00 p.m., October 4,2017

Location: Pavilion High School- Superintendent’s Conference Room

Present: Jim Sattora, Dave Furletti, Cal Ayers-Tillotson, Ken Ellison, Dave Sperino, Steve
Beardsley, Sheila Eigenbrod, Dave Sylvester, Marilyn Moore, and Ed Orman. Jr.

Meeting minutes:
Shared sports updates:
Shared programs: Football, Boys Soccer, Boys VB, X-Country, Swimming, and Wrestling. All programs are doing well and many would be at risk of elimination if the share option wasn’t available. Mr. Orman reported the State’s decision to count 30% of the smaller district’s student population in determining the shared team’s classification. This is an increase from 25% in past years. Due to our student numbers, this will not impact our classification level. 
Mr. Sattora shared his concern regarding PCS girl sports for the fall of 2018. The population of female students may be very low for several teams so additional sharing maybe necessary to fill rosters. This issue will be revisited during our next Shared Sen’ices meeting.

FFA/Agriculture Program:
PCS has started an Ag Education program and formed a FFA club. Several YCS students will
join the Agra-Business course via distance learning during the spring semester. YCS students that participate in any Ag class have the opportunity to join our FFA club. Future plans include securing CTE accreditation for the Ag program. Mr. Sylvester said YCS would be interested in the CTE program. A half-day program would help eliminate a number of scheduling challenges we have encountered in the past when trying to share courses.

For the third year Pavilion and York will offer shared SAT and ACT prep programs. 65 students have signed up for SAT prep and 49 for ACT prep. Students from both districts have benefited from this opportunity.

York Athletic Director Report:
Fall Merged teams have been a success
1. Numbers strong at all levels in merged programs
2. Have heard some questions raised on need for merged programs, attached
numbers will show why.
3. Mergers were done to solidify both boys soccer and Football program numbers
4. Children may have to compete in some circumstances to make a team or to earn
playing time.

Winter Modified Wrestling practice at York
1. Only 4 modified wrestlers signed up
2. Varsity Wrestling hosted at Pavilion 9 York wrestlers signed up
3. Swimming Hosted at York — 20+ swimmers signed up at York
4. Cheerleading- 4 Varsity Cheerleaders signed up at York 5 J.V. Cheerleaders signed up but 3 are modified students who may not qualify

Do we want to offer an opportunity to merge cheerleading?
1. Hurdles- Travel for late practices and games
2. Cheering for another schools team?
3. Having Meeting on Tuesday with all signed up to feel interest and what
direction we should go.

Thanks to Mr. Sattora and all the coaches at Pavilion as well as the transportation
department. They are professional and do a great job communicating with us all.

If you would like to view a table showing the fall 2017 athletic participation, please contact Mary Jo Pahl in the district office at mjpahl@pavilioncsd.org.