May 22, 2019 Shared Services Minutes


Shared Services Committee Meeting

6:00 p.m., May 22, 2019

Location: York High School Board Conference rm





1.  FFA/Ag updates

          The program is going well; there is still a need to build an awareness of the       program.  Discussion regarding the DTE through GVEP vs the possible CTE          credentials at PCS followed, along with students’ ability to participate in FFA.



2.  Shared Assemblies/programs

          SAT Prep went well this year.

          During a Sup’t conference day some YCS staff went to PCS for a Trauma        Informed Presentation.  YCS Students participated in a Mental Health          presentation.  PCS wasn’t able to participate in Ag Day at YCS due to a     conflict.  Principals and counselors will get together this summer to schedule      events for the year.

          Distance learning is still a challenge due to scheduling conflicts.  PCS       changed their schedule this year.  This might be an opportunity to explore online learning, but this would be on an individual basis.


3.  Winter sports wrap up

          The winter season went well with both wrestling and swimming. 




4.  Fall sports outlook (See attached Fall sign-ups)


          Girls Soccer:

                   1 shared Modified team @ YCS

                   1 shared JV team @ YCS

                   2 Varsity teams (independent each school)


Boys Soccer:

                   2 shared Modified teams @ PCS w/ WCS

                   1 shared JV team @ PCS

                   1 shared Varsity team @ PCS


Cross Country:

          1 shared Modified team @ PCS

          1 shared Varsity team @ PCS


Boys Volleyball:

          1 shared Varsity team @ PCS


Girls Volleyball:

          No shared teams



          1 shared Modified team @ YCS

          1 shared Varsity team @ YCS