December 18, 2017 Minutes

The regular meeting of the Pavilion Central School District Board of Education was called to order at 7:00 PM by Board President Marirose Ethington in the high school conference room.


Board members present:  Marirose Ethington, Jeff Finch (7:01), John Bannister (7:02), Kevin Stefan, Rebecca (Becky) Dziekan, Callin Ayers-Tillotson, and Margaret (Peg) Gaston


Board members absent:


Others present:  Kenneth Ellison, Sheila Eigenbrod, Stacey Tallon, Jon Wilson, Jim Helmicki, Donald Childs, and Mary Jo Pahl


Others absent:


Visitors: Eight (8) per sign in log



**        Moved by Callin Ayers-Tillotson; seconded by Becky Dziekan to approve agenda as presented; carried unanimously (7 votes)



**        Moved by Peg Gaston seconded by Kevin Stefan to approve all items in the consent grouping – BOE minutes from 11/27/17; Sub CSE minutes from 11/28/17, 12/7/17 and 12/8/17; Appropriation and Budget Status Reports for A, C & F Funds as of October 2017; Treasurer’s report as of October 2017; carried unanimously (7 votes)




  1. Fall Coaches:   

    **        Jim Sattora, the athletic director and Cross Country Coach; Rex Eighmey, the girls varsity Volleyball Coach; Matt Roth, the boys varsity Soccer Coach;  Nikki Wittmeyer, the girls varsity Soccer Coach and Rob Milligan, the boys varsity Volleyball Coach presented the following updates to the Board regarding the fall sports season.  The Board thanked the coaches for the updates; no action required.


    From Mr. Sattora:


    The Cross Country Program which includes Boys and Girls both Modified and Varsity ended the season with a total of 11 kids. 

    9 Varsity and 2 Modified.

    The Boys Varsity Team had 5 Runners so we were able to compete as a team.  Their record was 8 and 11.  We had two sophomores and 3 freshman.  None of them had ever run a Varsity race before this season.

    The Girls team stared the season with 7 girls but ended with 4 girls, thus we were not able to score as a team.  2 of the 4, Amber Lowery and Angela Davidson earned Division 3 All Stars at the County Championship by placing top 10 in their Division

    One of the biggest highlight actually came at the Modified Level.  Alexia Wolcott finished 3rd out of 325 runners at the McQuaid Invitational. 




    From Mr. Roth:


    Mod Record


    I haven’t heard back from Doug but I know they had a nice season with  a large group of kids evenly split Pavilion and York.


    Had a parent reach out to me and tell me how nice of job Doug did and that her son was losing his passion for soccer and love having Doug and now is back to loving the game!




    Had similar success as Mod, had 22 kids on the team, went 9-3





    Led or were tied in at half in 12 of the 17 games

    Played 7 OT games, 0-5-2

    Only scored 11 goals all season

    12 seniors

    9 York 8 Pavilion


    All Star--Jared Flickner

    Exceptional Senior--Jared, Will Salamone and Jimmy Lee


    From Mr. Eighmey:


    Modified is coached by Liz Milligan. They had an excellent year.  They had 9 players. Six 8th graders and three 7th graders. 2 of the 7th graders are good enough play for JVs next year, which may leave us very low numbers for modified next year.


    The JVs are coached by Betty Worthington and they had a very rough year. They won one match. They had a problem keeping enough players. They started with 8 players. A couple injuries, one quitting, and one with a detention problem which gave us a numbers problem. Midway through the season we were able to recruit a player. Anyway she had only one sophomore, the other 6 were freshmen. Next year JVs should have good number of players, even though the varsity will have to take a few. Besides her 6 returning players and 8 from modified rumor has it we will have 3 coming over from Wyoming.


    The varsity squad had a 4-14 record, which doesn’t sound very good but it did exceed my expectations.  After the 1st two weeks of practice and a scrimmage tournament I wasn’t expecting any wins but they improvement tremendously form the beginning of the year to the end. We were seeded 11th for sectionals we beat the #6 seed. Even though One of our best players was sick and couldn’t play we gave the # 3 team a good match. I had 5 seniors and 6 juniors. So next year if the same ones come back I will have 1 junior and 6 seniors. So I will to bring up few underclassmen.


    As for awards: Lexi Eighmey is a DIII all-star.



    From Ms. Wittmeyer:

    Open gym last winter. Low numbers. Had to cancel last week because was only getting 2-4 girls weekly (grades 8-12)


    ·         13 girls

    ·         3-7-1

    ·         Strengths: Solid 8th graders moving up to JV next year

    ·         Areas to Improve: conditioning and basic skills


    ·         12 girls

    ·         1-11 (four of those losses were determined by two goals or fewer)

    ·         Fewer games played because of the Varsity needing to pull up 1-3 girls due to injuries

    ·         Strengths: competed till the very end in each game

    ·         Areas to Improve: continued to develop the fundamental soccer skills of positional awareness, effective passing formations, and in-game communication


    ·         15 girls

    ·         5-11 regular season

    ·         6 of our losses were 2 goals or less (4 games – 1 goal) – team was exponentially more competitive than last year despite a similar record – one more season as a unit and they’d for sure win a significant chunk of those close games

    ·         Plagued by injury towards end of season – had to cancel 4 JV games throughout the season because of injuries all occurring at the same time (4 Varsity girls – 2 concussions, 1 broken ankle, one bruised tibia)

    ·         Strengths: passing, ball movement, seeing the field, able to put things together on the field and take what they learned in practice and execute it, improved on scoring this season, excellent sportsmanship, attitude and team unity, several girls scoring goals

    ·         Areas to Improve: knowing how to win and finishing in a big game but definite improvement throughout the season – often scored on first and then playing catch up

    All-stars: Jordan Barrett, Emma Milligan



    From Mr. Milligan:

    The Boys Volleyball team was Seeded 6th & finished the season 13-9 (8-2) after losing in the Semi-Finals to Spencerport. This marks 4 straight seasons of 13+ wins & reaching the Semi-finals or the Finals!

    Team accomplishments: overcoming in-season losses to Brockport & Canandaigua to win against both in Sectionals to advance to the Semi’s. In addition, we received the Gary Adler Memorial Section V Sportsmanship Award for the 2nd time in 3 seasons!

    Here are some of the individual accomplishments:

    Luke Milligan:             364 Kills (*1st All-Time Single Season Record)                                                                                            986 Kills (*1st All-Time Career Record)                                                                                                        201 Digs (*Program Single Season Record)                                                                                                   598 Digs (*Program Career Record)                                                                                                                     227 Aces (*1st All-Time Career Record)                                                                                                           Section V Class B All-Tournament Team (2015, 2016, 2017)                                                                                        

    Cameron Milligan:      191 Kills (9th All-Time Single Season Record)                                                                                              124 Digs (5th All Time Single Season Record)

    Sam Watkins:              538 Assists (*2nd All-Time Single Season Record)                                                                                       48 Assists (*2nd All-Time Single Match Record)                                                                 

    Steven Carroll & Dan Nichols (from York) & Kenneth Sauer & Jason Normandin (Pavilion)

    Coach Milligan 200 Wins (came against Canandaigua in Sectionals)                                               

    End of the Year Awards for the past 4 Seasons

    Section V Class B All-Tournament Team:      2014-Alex Hackett                                                                                                                                         2015-Luke Milligan                                                                                                                                        2016-Luke Milligan & Caleb Milligan                                                                                                            2017-Luke Milligan


    Fall 2017 Democrat & Chronicle All-Greater Rochester Selection:   Luke Milligan

    Fingerlakes/Independent League All-Stars:                                                                          

    2014- 1st Team: Alex Hackett / Jack Klapper; 2nd Team: Evan Cleveland / Caleb Milligan / Luke Milligan; Honorable Mention: Dylan Cote’      

    2015-1st Team: Luke Milligan / Alex Hackett 2nd Team: Caleb Milligan / Dylan Cote’

    Honorable Mention: Brandyn Lynk                                                                          

    2016-1st Team: Luke Milligan / Caleb Milligan / Dylan Cote’ 2nd Team: Brandyn Lynk / Rob Cutcliffe / Cameron Milligan

    2017-1st Team: Luke Milligan & Cameron Milligan  2nd Team: Sam Watkins HR: Steven Carroll


    Boys’ Volleyball Ideas & Concerns:

    Double-Header when York vs Pavilion girls play (Home & Away)

    Practice Time Concerns – 5:30 girls’ home matches???

    Coaches Meet & Greet Day @ York & Pavilion

    LeRoy interest & option to play - $ - do we need to charge (policy)


  2. Parent-Student Athletic Handbook Approval:

    **        Mr. Helmicki presented the Parent-Student Athletic Handbook to the Board.  The Board made suggestions on items they would like to see added to the handbook prior to approval.  Item tabled until the January BOE meeting.  No action required.


  3. FAR for Athletics:

**        Becky Dziekan presented the Board with a progress report on the Functional Area Review.  The report is shown below and will be available on the district website for all interested parties to review.  No action required.


Pavilion Athletics Functional Area Review

Action Plan Progress Report

School Pride  (School Pride Committee was formed)

  1. Increase the number of initiatives to instill pride in Pavilion K thru 12. (“Gold Rush”, theme nights, elementary-high school collaborations, etc…)
    • A new gopher logo was created.
    • Theme nights established for home basketball games to instill unity and pride.
    • Youth soccer players and program were recognized during halftime of varsity soccer game.
    • Youth basketball players and program were recognized during halftime of varsity basketball game.
    • Varsity letter and pins initiative was brought back to athletics.
    • School pride initiative at the elementary school established to promote school pride as a compliment to character development.
    • The committee is working with Rex and the buildings and ground crew to start the painting of a Purple Border that will go around the school on the walls above the tile.


  2. Evaluate homecoming, pep rallies and banquets to ensure quality, relevance and student engagement.
    • After discussion with the coaches, it was established that the teams would like to continue with their own individual banquets.


  3. Establish a school store.
    • A link was established with Prep Sportswear for purchase of Pavilion attire.
    • Purple punishment shirts were sold.
    • Pavilion Athletics shirts were sold in memory of John Court for the John Court Scholarships.
    • School Pride shirts were sold at the elementary school.


  4. Continuously promote and develop efforts to recognize and acknowledge student-athlete and team accomplishments.
  • A new League All-Star board was hung in the Foyer by the concession stands.


Coaching Success

  1. Provide coaches with support and relevant training and development opportunities to help them grow professionally.
    • Funds have been provided for coaches to attend clinics for professional development.


  2. Review the coaching hiring and evaluation process.
    • A new coaching application was developed to provide more detailed information on prospective coaches’ background, knowledge, experience and philosophy of coaching.
    • A performance improvement template will be developed to create an avenue for coaches to generate goals and identify areas to improve at the end of each season.
    • One team this year is going to pilot an “athlete’s feedback questionnaire” so a coach can get their athletes’ perspective on things that go well or areas of suggested improvement.


  3. Improve collaboration, communication and mentoring among coaches and the Athletic Director.


  4. Establish strategies to bridge the gap in development and transition between youth, modified, JV and Varsity levels.
    • The home league presidents of the youth sports programs will be invited to serve on the newly developed Athletics Advisory Committee.


  5. Update the Coaches Handbook.
  • The Coaches handbook has not been updated, but a new student-athlete handbook has been created and is next seeking BOE approval.


    Communication and Community Engagement

  1. Improve access to athletic department news, event results, accomplishments and other information with an improved web page.
    • The athletics web page was improved with easy access to up to date teams schedules, weekly schedules, event results and game summaries.
    • Sports Calendars were created.


  2. Develop strategies such as a student-athlete/parent handbook or athlete/parent meetings to promote efficient communication.
    • As mentioned, a student-athlete handbook was created.


  3. Foster a culture of collaboration, support and mutual respect to address fan behavior.


  4. Review the roles and responsibilities of Sports Boosters services.
    •  A couple of meetings were held to review the goals and objective of Sports Boosters.  While some money is raised to provide the teams with money for team apparel and end of the season banquets, it is a struggle to increase the services of Sports Boosters due to a lack of consistent support and help from all the parents.


      Student-Athlete Success

  1. Develop strategies to increase student participation in athletics.
    • Currently, mergers exist with York for boys soccer, modified wrestling, football, boys volleyball and swimming.  Mergers will continue to be looked at as needed with other sports.


  2. Establish weight training and body conditioning programs for all students to physically prepare athletes.
    • Strength training, conditioning and sport performance opportunities still exist in the summer and after school for our athletes.


  1. Maximize opportunities to promote team building, mutual respect, support and commitment by student-athletes.


  2. Review academic policies to ensure academic success of the student-athletes.


  3. Continue the tradition of Pavilion athletics serving as the model of team sportsmanship, character and fairness.


  4. Establish initiatives such as a Captains Lunch to provide opportunities to acknowledge their efforts, as well as provide the medium to hear concerns and ideas.





4.         Appointments:

**        Moved by Callin Ayers-Tillotson, seconded by Jeff Finch to appoint Terra Kenyon to the position of substitute fitness room monitor and the board approved rate or pay of $12.00 per hour; carried unanimously (7 votes).


**        Moved by Jeff Finch, seconded by Kevin Stefan to appoint Bradley Whaley to the position of substitute school bus driver pending completion of all required training at the board approved rate of pay of  $14.50 per hour; carried unanimously (7 votes).


**        Moved by John Bannister, seconded by Peg Gaston to approve the two substitute teacher applications as presented for Tristin Christie and Andrea Saitta; carried unanimously (7 votes).


**        Moved by Peg Gaston, seconded by Becky Dziekan to appoint Tim Mead and Jenny Harkins to be tutors for the 2017-2018 school year; carried unanimously (7 votes).


  1. FFA Field Trip Requests:

    **       Kylie Smith, presented the Board with information regarding several overnight field trips for the FFA class to be held in January, May and July.  She spoke of these trips and requested approval to attend these trips with students.  The Board has asked her to return later in the year for approval for the May and July trips once she has more information in regards to the number of students interested in attending, costs, etc. 


    **Moved by Jeff Finch, seconded by Peg Gaston to approve the attendance of Kylie Smith and students at the FFA Leadership Conference on January 27th and 28th to be held in Syracuse, NY; carried unanimously (7 votes).


  2. Approve contract for school physician:

    **        Moved by Peg Gaston, seconded by Jeff Finch to approve the contract as presented between the District and Oak Openings Medical, PLLC/Dr. Gregory J. Collins for the period of 7/1/17-6/30/20 for student physical needs as outlined in the contract; carried unanimously (7 votes).


  3. Vision Statement:

**        The proposed District vision statement was presented by Mrs. Ethington and Mr. Iten; there were some suggested changes to the statement along with a request of 10 – 15 names to be brought to the January 8th BOE meeting for a committee to serve on the District Vision Committee; item tabled until January 8, 2018.




                        1.  Monday, January 8 and 22, 2018 BOE meeting dates



**        Moved by Peg Gaston, seconded by Kevin Stefan to adjourn at 8:25 PM; carried unanimously (7 votes).






Mary Jo Pahl

Clerk of the Board