Athletic FAR Committee information

Pavilion Athletics Functional Area Review

Action Plan Progress Report
School Pride (School Pride Committee was formed)

1. Increase the number of initiatives to instill pride in Pavilion K thru 12. (“Gold Rush”, theme nights, elementary-high school collaborations, etc…)
 A new gopher logo was created.
 Theme nights established for home basketball games to instill unity and pride.
 Youth soccer players and program were recognized during halftime of varsity soccer game.
 Youth basketball players and program were recognized during halftime of varsity basketball game.
 Varsity letter and pins initiative was brought back to athletics.
 School pride initiative at the elementary school established to promote school pride as a compliment to character development.
 The committee is working with Rex and the buildings and ground crew to start the painting of a Purple Border that will go around the school on the walls above the tile.

2. Evaluate homecoming, pep rallies and banquets to ensure quality, relevance and student engagement.
 After discussion with the coaches, it was established that the teams would like to continue with their own individual banquets.

3. Establish a school store.
 A link was established with Prep Sportswear for purchase of Pavilion attire.
 Purple punishment shirts were sold.
 Pavilion Athletics shirts were sold in memory of John Court for the John Court Scholarships.
 School Pride shirts were sold at the elementary school.

4. Continuously promote and develop efforts to recognize and acknowledge student-athlete and team accomplishments.

A new League All-Star board was hung in the Foyer by the concession stands.
Coaching Success

1. Provide coaches with support and relevant training and development opportunities to help them grow professionally.  Funds have been provided for coaches to attend clinics for professional development.

2. Review the coaching hiring and evaluation process. A new coaching application was developed to provide more detailed information on prospective coaches’ background, knowledge, experience and philosophy of coaching. A performance improvement template will be developed to create an avenue for coaches to generate goals and identify areas to improve at the end of each season. One team this year is going to pilot an “athlete’s feedback questionnaire” so a coach can get their athletes’ perspective on things that go well or areas of suggested improvement.

3. Improve collaboration, communication and mentoring among coaches and the Athletic Director.

4. Establish strategies to bridge the gap in development and transition between youth, modified, JV and Varsity levels. The home league presidents of the youth sports programs will be invited to serve on the newly developed Athletics Advisory Committee.

Update the Coaches Handbook. 
The Coaches handbook has not been updated, but a new student-athlete handbook has been created and is next seeking BOE approval.

Communication and Community Engagement
1. Improve access to athletic department news, event results, accomplishments and other information with an improved web page. The athletics web page was improved with easy access to up to date teams schedules, weekly schedules, event results and game summaries. Sports Calendars were created.

2. Develop strategies such as a student-athlete/parent handbook or athlete/parent meetings to promote efficient communication. As mentioned, a student-athlete handbook was created.

3. Foster a culture of collaboration, support and mutual respect to address fan behavior.

4. Review the roles and responsibilities of Sports Boosters services. A couple of meetings were held to review the goals and objective of Sports Boosters. While some money is raised to provide the teams with money for team apparel and end of the season banquets, it is a struggle to increase the services of Sports Boosters due to a lack of consistent support and help from all the parents.

Student-Athlete Success
1. Develop strategies to increase student participation in athletics. Currently, mergers exist with York for boys soccer, modified wrestling, football, boys volleyball and swimming. Mergers will continue to be looked at as needed with other sports.

2. Establish weight training and body conditioning programs for all students to physically prepare athletes. Strength training, conditioning and sport performance opportunities still exist in the summer and after school for our athletes.

3. Maximize opportunities to promote team building, mutual respect, support and commitment by student-athletes.

4. Review academic policies to ensure academic success of the student-athletes.

5. Continue the tradition of Pavilion athletics serving as the model of team sportsmanship, character and fairness.

6. Establish initiatives such as a Captains Lunch to provide opportunities to acknowledge their efforts, as well as provide the medium to hear concerns and ideas.